Martinez to Barca...

  • So it looks like Barca have made a final bid for Martinez, I'm thinking it'll be rejected but he'll move on at some point just not this summer.

    But let's say he goes, would the move have as much of a negative effect as it seems to have had on Memphis? I'm guessing no. Martinez was hardly a PB beast at Inter and I think he'd score more goals at Barca with a better squad around him (then again Inter are a team on the up and Barca potentially on the way down).

    Do we think it will affect his price much?

  • @howsthebacon Short term unless he hits the ground running, he will spike and drop down a bit IMO, long term tho I think he will shine.

    Hes one of my holds I would maybe keep if a transfer went threw, as he has potential to return some dividends and in turn jump in price even more.

    At the price I have him at a single gold day with star man would return 12%, but I would much rather CA, divs just cream to me.

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