• For clarity I hold and this isn't q pump in any way just a genuine question , how come that burki hasn't had a rise i mean the guy is good and dortmund is an attacking team that takes some risks so the keeper is involved in the game , has he gone under the radar or i bought q donkey?
    He is relatively young for q keeper dortmund is in Europe and he plays for a good team is he a good hold ? Can you see a rise ?

  • @R9inter I hold and to be fair was keeping quiet as I'm looking to top up. Still very cheap for an elite team goalkeeper - unless I like you am missing something.

  • @howsthebacon yeah i was keeping quiet I hold about 1700 I think we can top up still as i think people are chasing ipd for September promotion so he might won't get any love yet ,but I held for q few months now and he just seems "too steady" if that makes sense

  • @R9inter I have a load of keepers but I spread it out and didn't buy huge amounts, tempted to sell some of them because even if they double in price my profit won't be that big. Burki is one I'm holding on to as I bought a lot and he hasn't moved yet so keeping an eye on things.

  • I have wondered a similar thing regards Burki, guess he just doesnt get big PB scores, but then he actually has a better av PB than Oblak, Meret and De Gea to name a who knows! :)

  • Whilst their number 1, he doesn't appear to be highly rated and has made a number of mistakes in his tenure. Certainly remember personally watching the Bayern game post COVID and his chocolate fingers let in the Kimmich chip. Think there are better options out there in truth.

  • He is massively underpriced and a very good option if you’re looking at a 2-3 year hold. Plus he’s only 29 and recently signed a contract extension at Dortmund until 2023.

    Basically a licence to print money.

  • I bought when he didn't go up initially after the first goalkeeper announcement at 29p so quite happy with his price now.

    It wouldn't be a surprise to see him rise once the season starts, must be some growth at his current price when comparing him to other big Champions league teams Goalies.

  • On the subject of keepers, anyone holding off on getting Darlow - he is apparently going to sign a new deal which all but confirms he'll be staying and remaining as number 2 while Dubravka is out for a couple of months. A steal at his current price, not the best keeper but the Toon have been known to keep a few clean sheets (West Ham and Brighton in the opening fixtures).

    Part pump, part recommendation.

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