Downtime Fun - Player from the past you would have emptied the bank account... and lost

  • In a similar vein to the other thread (I didn't want to risk changing its focus). Which player from the past would you have continued digging and digging into believing that they were gonna make it, only to be shit. I have quite an extended graveyard here but a few:

    Taarabt: Thought he was gonna be the absolute ducks nuts. I probably would still be holding him, watching the red go deeper and deeper, and still be topping up waiting for him to explode

    David Prutton: Thought this kid was gonna go on and captain England. He isn't even a good pundit.

    Ryan Seager: More recent one. As a Saints fan, I saw him a little but closer up. I don't know what 'it' is, but was certain he had 'it'. Hungerford Town have just signed themselves a future England International....

  • Has to be Freddie adu...he would have ipod at £3 and hit about £12 before people realised he was shit.....there's bound to be a couple on index who will fail to live up to hype......u only need to play 2 good games now and ur a superstar

  • Winston Bogard...

  • Could name loads. Adriano, Quaresma, Gotze Danny Sturridge, Michael Johnson off the top of my head. All so talented but would have lost me a lot of money for various reasons

    Imagine if Hachim Mastour IPO'd 5 years ago

  • Loads to choose from, especially from United!!
    Adam januzaj
    Ravel Morrison

  • Djemba Djemba, so good they named hime twice!

  • Shaun Wright-Phillips
    Carlton Cole
    Michael Owen as well actually, can't imagine him winning many dividends but would have got to about £8 between injuries!

  • Kerlon the dribbling seal

  • Ravel Morrison

  • Faustino Asprilla

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor Saints fan too, and with that in mind....Ali Dia. George Weah's "cousin" could have been very costly!

  • f661cc33-450b-4ab5-9aec-e079da7eeea7-image.png

  • Denilson - touted as the next big Brazilian, but when he made his big move the europe it was to Betis, did nowt, didn't do much for Brazil either.

  • George Weahs Cousin

  • As an Arsenal fan probably Wilshere

  • Adel Taraabt - hyped up as the new Zidane at Spurs. Had great talent but poor attitude.

  • Brian Laudrup - He was a God at Rangers. I would have bet the lot on him transferring to a PB team. He did, Chelsea, played 7 times. Then Copenhagen and Ajax. Amazing player, bad bet on FI!!

  • Papiss Cisse

    Had a proven track record outside of the Prem then lit the league on fire, scoring 13 goals in 14 games, including some of the best goals I've ever seen. Got Newcastle back into Europe... then fell off the face of the Earth.

  • Has to be Saviola! Would have robbed my Dad's bank card to buy 1,000,000 shares in his IPO! There was no way he would fail after having led so many of my teams to glory on Champ Man!

    Cherno Sambo for the same reasons. Funny story, I was on the bench for my team on a Sunday and got chatting to Cherno Samba's brother in Peckham. He said his bro had been doing some shadowing at Liverpool, hoping to get into coaching (googled it and there was some truth in it, albeit a few years back now).

    I tried to get him and his brother to sign as they were local to the area. I asked if Cherno still played and he said not much since he retired but they both went to a funeral in the Gambia recently and Cherno was tearing it up playing with the locals!

  • @Dan-The-Man baffling player, great instinctive finisher but once other teams found him out he didn't seem to have the answer. CONSTANTLY offside, never noticed a player have such a track record of being offside.

    Will always be remembered fondly though (I was at that Chelsea game as a birthday present from my brother) and always played with a smile - even when we were losing which was a bit annoying.

    He was once asked why he always smiled and he said he used to be an ambulance driver in Senegal when he was 15 and he would see people dying every losing a football match wasn't the end of the world, fair play to him.

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