Reasons to be optimisitc

  • Like everyone, there has been a real joy in refreshing the port the last few days. Yet it is also tinged by knowing prices are gonna drop, so it is hard to fully enjoy the rise, as much as the ego is stoked! I was curious to know whether the rise in market price is causing the IS price to rise accordingly. Brought out the old trusty spreadsheet to have a look at how price compare to about 10 days ago.

    I have taken out players with no IS as they fuck up the numbers. And I'm pretty happy with what I am seeing. Whilst market price growth is outstripping IS growth, at least the IS price is getting pushed up. Obviously the higher the IS price, the less the MP is gonna drop when sell offers come in!

    This is high level and won't account for individual players and ports, but happy to dive deeper if anyone wants me to.


  • The market has yet to fully factor in the latest dividend increases, all well & good looking at them on paper & modelling there effect but when proper football returns & those dividends actually start falling into your account as cash it will become reality & prices will react accordingly.

    The fact that almost everyone on the index, except the top handful can return 10%+ in a SINGLE Gold day star man win, will have a significant effect on those winners price & consequently on those similar players who are deemed possible to also become PB winners. Even those outside the usual PB winners can benefit from GK, IPD & MB returns at new enhanced levels - I am confident that any regular dividend winners can reasonably at least double in price over the coming the season, which will far outweigh any short term dips as the new OB system beds in.

    The prices currently available on 75%+ of players will look like absolute steals in 12 months time when both a share split & dividend increase will be likely.

  • @Geronimo159387 Exactly this, well put!👏

  • @Geronimo159387 It's taken me a while, during a tricky time for a new user, to calm down and think about the bigger picture but I 100% agree with what you've said.

    It's like walking down a pathway; don't just look down at what's currently at your feet but focus on the amazing scenery that's in front of you and soon to be reached.

  • @Erased-Citizen I mean I thought the prices for some of the top players were pretty low before this, so if they drop further down as a result of the order books I'll be topping up. It's a risk as with anything but there's a good chance it's only up after this potential dip. A lot of money could be made over the next year.

  • @howsthebacon

    I think it's worth the risk.

    The next few days could be a bit painful, if there are widespread falling prices. But the medium to long term future is very bright. There are probably 200+ players on the Index who will deliver 30%+ in dividends (under the new dividend structure) over the next 12 months.

    Even ignoring any potential cap app, where else can you get that return in the current climate?

  • @ocs123 exactly, I'm just cautious about recommending piling in during a big dip. I have quite a small amount invested compared to some so it's lower risk for me atm.

    But I'm happy with 90% of my port, see them as long term steady investments so if their prices drop, I'll definitely be tempted. There will be a few players I'll stay away from and just monitor the situation.

    Roll on 4pm though.

  • @howsthebacon the day’s dragging isn’t it! 😂

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