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    Any advice on how to keep track of how old shares in a portfolio are? Given that shares expire after three years, I am concerned about making sure that I give myself sufficient time to sell my holding before expiration.


  • @NewUser94074 said in Share Period:


    This would be helpful along with an IPD eligibility tracker as well. I think most people use their own separate spreadsheet to work this stuff out.

  • Pretty sure FI have mentioned that time stamping shares will come along at some point soon on the website, at the moment I just put a date on my spreadsheet, but that's mostly for IPDs

  • @NewUser94074 unfortunately apart from manually tracking yourself no tool yet exists, however, believe implementing a tool for this is on its way as part of FI's road map.

    Not ideal at present, best way I find to track is make a note when you buy (I do this via spreadsheet) or for a historic view download your transaction history.

  • FI has been running for nearly 5 years now and i dont think any shares have ever expired yet. They've extended it until they come up with a suitible way of tracking it which makes it easier for the users.

  • @DW would even help to have a find option on the transaction history. You could at least narrow your transaction history down to one player and do the working yourself from there.

    With all my bids that I put in then cancel and random sales, it's a fucking mess in my transaction history. I have a rough idea who is IPD eligible but I didn't make a spready from the start so I'm a bit fucked.

  • Is the 3 year share period really down to tax etc or is it just to make sure people don't hold them for too long and cut down commission?!

  • @howsthebacon This is what I've been doing. I was hoping for a better way, but I guess we'll just have to wait. Hopefully they won't expire shares until a proper tracking tool is in place.

  • @Marksandygill I'm not sure, having seen shares/cards on other similar platforms with no expiry, I'm not sure that the reasons i've heard previously make sense.

    I can't see me ever holding anything for 3 years though.

  • Yeah me too, not sure I'll be holding anyone for three years. I like to constantly skim off the top when high bids come in and buy at a lower price another day so if I'm constantly doing that, should keep a few for IPD every so often and stop them expiring after the three years.

  • Same as most others but I just track on my own spreadsheet.

    Until FI manage to come up with a way to allow people to see with ease when the shares expire I think they'll continue to let them role on and on and on.

    But again like others I don't envisage keeping any shares for 3 years.

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