Investment tips for traders with low capital investment...

  • Hey Guys

    There is a lot of traders out there that do not have a lot of capital to invest in the Index each month and therefore need to make the most of their money....

    Scenario: You have £100 a month to spend on the Index in May, who do you buy?



  • I couldn't work like that. I think I would probably go for players who are cheaper however and spread my portfolio.

  • @NewUser59855 what do you mean "I couldn't work like that"?

  • @AndyP32 I mean I would need more money and wouldn't only invest £100.

  • If i was a 'new' investor my strategy would be very different to what it is now... ie starting a portflio with £100 as opposed to adding that £100 to the portfolio I already have... For example as an existing trader I would probably just put that £100 in to one player... But as a new investor I would spread the risk... Perhaps 2/3 low end players that are likely to either feature in the WC or that are likely to get transfers this summer (Sisto & Poulsen for Denmark perhaps) and one likely to nick a buzz dividend or two... Maybe Florian Thauvan as Marseille have four fixtures still left and a cup final (potentially) and he should make the WC squad??

    Also like Tony Martial, Koulibaly, Emre Can who all could attract transfer buzz?

    Fck it.... lets go...

    10 Thauvan £30.30
    10 Poulsen £7.70
    10 Bale £51.80
    10 Rony Lopes £10.30

    But that's £100.10p.... luckily I already have 10p in account...

    Be interesting to see what that earns me by 31st August as I would be looking to pull out 'all' by then!!!!

  • I'm on a small budget and be patient and research and if your lucky reinvest your divvys

  • I invested in gelson martins at 165, pavon at 99p and kenedy at 82p , golovin at 107 all doing well keeps me in the green

  • Done this already £100 budget and made a 17% return in 7 days, didnt go the whole month

    So its very possible to bank build to a decent level starting at £100

  • @NewUser59855
    That’s alright for you but the question is if you only could do £100. At the moment I’d be lucky to even do that right now. Everyone has different financial situations

  • @FranklynMary

    50 jack wilshire, pretty sure will increase when he gets picked in the England squad. Still in contract talks with arsenal.

  • I'm a month in on the platform and am just about even with a £100 capital investment. I'm trying to keep to players that should feature in the WC and have transfer spec but some rash selling decisions and a bit of newbie naivety has wiped out any profit made. Very frustrating when I've only had around 6 players in my portfolio, but any more and I'm spread too thin.

    Would a change of tack to MB players (e.g. pogba, bale) help or should I stick to my strategy?

  • @NewUser137572

    Sit tight. The WC still offers some serious profit. It might be quite volatile though so follow the market closely.

  • @NewUser137572 I have a similar level of investment (£150). In four months I'm up about £40 which isn't great, but like you I've made some newbie mistakes that have cost me profit.

    I personally wouldn't suggest MB players, your returns would be minimal and I'd say you need to make your money work harder than that.

    I'd also suggest not discounting buying into more players with fewer futures in each, there's no shame in it. Even if it looks crap if you're only set to make a few quid off a big rise, it all adds up. We're leading into the most volatile period with the transfer window and the world cup so I'd say a diverse portfolio is a must, whatever level of investment.

  • @Jazzman I wouldn't class 26% profit in 4 months as bad! Youd struggle to get that anywhere else.

  • @Ozzlebert Very true! Which is why I'm more than happy to keep plugging away, having a lot of fun in the process. I love the platform.

    I just beat myself up from time to time when it comes to the mistakes I've made, I could be sitting on a lot more but hey ho, always opportunities!

  • @NewUser137572 The best learning is by trial and error - spread it around on a few trades and see how they go. Rinse and repeat as you learn. Make sure you follow the market closely and learn how it moves. Understand that this is a longer term game than betting. It took me 3 months and lots of mistakes to get comfortable with it.

  • @NewUser59855 said in Investment tips for traders with low capital investment...:

    @AndyP32 I mean I would need more money and wouldn't only invest £100.

    That's a bit of a rediculas thing to say. Everyone has different budgets and to say something like that, maybe it's better to not comment at all, how is that productive other than trying to give it the big one.

  • @AndyP32 regardless of prifile, my stratatagy is to find low vale players that are undervalued and flip them, this doesn't need to be short term flips it could be a medium flip if 1-2 months but on a smaller budget you need to be working in lower value players to get maximum number of futures working for yiu, and keep them turning. It's all good and we'll someone saying by neymar his return is X y and z, that's great if you can afford 1000 futures pointless if can afford 8. I like to think I have a decent size profile and I still operate like this as I simply love value and turning it over quickly.

  • @Jazzman I've made a few mistakes to but a few wise moves and I'm still learning

  • @NewUser59855
    Everyone has different levels of investment , u might think £100 small and not worth time . Regardless of the value is £1 £100 or £1000 , the end dividends is still same . If a player rises 1p everyone gains same amount . Everybody has different budgets available , not everyone has a luxury to have portfolio worth 100k . This platform is welcomed to all levels of investors .

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