Returning after 6 months any advice

  • Had to withdraw my money at the start of lock down due to not working but e now found some money down the back of my couch :) and was looking for a quick review of any major changes i should know about before buying back into the game again anything major that would affect my strategy at buying players thanks ???

  • Have a look at some of the popular threads at the minute and educate yourself on Order Books!

  • @weerab id sya perfect time to return with all these bargain prices. Fill your boots.

  • @weerab best time possible I’d say. Get in and lap up the bargains.

  • Cheers lads listened to a few podcasts and read as many threads as possible since last night to try catch up and thankfully still had a full watch list from when i last used the site and by the looks of things glad i never bought in yesterday with all the drops plenty of bargains to be had now , another quick question when was the last deposit bonus and do you think we will get one anytime soon thanks

  • @weerab deposit bonuses seem to be a thing of the past, they now seem to do net buy bonuses, targeted at a certain % of the market at a time

    If you do buy back in now just be prepared for some more drops between now and mid october due to market sell listings being cancelled and competing with the lowest sell offers

  • @Ddr thanks mate going to keep watching the market just now and see what happens once some games are played and how it reacts over the weekend

  • @weerab dont get me wrong, I'm still backing fi as a product, just feel that theres a bit more short term pain to come still.

    Additionally, due to div increases and 5xipd until end of september, there will be players who rocket due to good performances in the meantime, I just feel as a whole that the market has some more hits to take yet

  • @Ddr the 5x IPD for september sounds a really good deal didnt realise it was for the rest of the month thats a lot of money if players perform , will have a look after work tonight and maybe put in a smaller amount just now to begin with see how it goes

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