Crazy price changed

  • Gutted at the crazy price changes!!only started this year thought I was doing well, I was trading at 15% all of a sudden the prices are re calculated and I’m only trading at 9% now wish I’d sold the likes of greenwood odegaard foden and especially Adama
    Traore ! This morning lost a small fortune! Oh well roll on the new season

  • @NewUser539968 you’ve not lost anything u less you sell mate 👍

  • @Sav2000 unless my players get close to the value of yesterday im going to sell up ( if its possible)

    just lost a good percentage today and not sure why...dilution

    imagine just buying messi yesterday at 7.30, just for £2 to get ripped off the share price....

    also been trying to sell some players over the last month to no avail...obviously doesnt suit the board at this time.

    ill be closing my account if and when my players are sold because FI keep changing the rules.

    dont spend thousands guys i doubt you will see it again

  • My advice would be dont invest thousands if you don't understand the bet.

  • @GH well i clearly dont.

    been in this a year, granted i dont study too much, but can you, or anyone explain this cut in price in some players and not others?...its likely that i will hold but would like an explination to why todays update was a good thing?


  • Not good only bought a couple of hundred quids worth of shares. Bought, Messi, greenwood van de beek.. Lost £35 since yesterday.. How many others lost a lot of money, it all adds up.. Looks like been shafted here

  • @NewUser314132 no we haven’t! We knew sell orders were coming! It’s been explained over and over What the short term impact would be.

    We’ve just had a 100% div increase meaning players have room to grow to double what they were.

    If people don’t understand why this is good for the long term benefit of your port then FI probably isn’t the place to have your cash.

    For those still unsure what the future holds I suggest listening to @The-FIG pod from last night with SOTB who has 500k in the platform and why in 6-12 months time things will be really rosey here.

  • @Sav2000 he aint mystic meg is he just because he says its gonna be rosey does not mean he is right...ppl put too much emphasis on podcasts as if its a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 500k port means nothing it comes across like he has earned all that through FI but i bet he is trading forex or something on the side to fund it to make it sound like hes done awesome
    order books are a shambles simple as i remember last xmas you could sell a player and actually get the profit you you gotta accept a small loss in order to sell its rediculous
    i dont know why anyone would invest in a company where you can easily lose 1k overnight thats out of order

    on top of that i keep getting stupid emails off the staff asking me am i free for a phonecall to discuss safer gambling as they are concerned sweet FA to do with them what im doing i dont want to be pestered every 5 mins with this healthcheck bollocks if ppl wanna blow 10k on a player thats down to them

  • @Rob-E people really need to get their heads wrapped round what an order book is. Myself and others have been doing our best to explain it for over a year but it seems most werent paying attention. The price you see on the screen now is just what someone else is trying to sell that player for and it should have no bearing on what your valuation of that player is. If you think prices are too low then buy the dip and it will lead to bigger profits. All it takes is 300 shares to make a players price whatever you want it to be as a seller. I could have a £1 player and list 300 shares for 70p and now everyone thinks hes worth 70p if you come along and buy those 300 shares he instantly becomes £1 again.

    All that number on the screen represents is the average of the lowest 300 shares that someone else is selling at its not what you have to sell for

  • @Black-Wolf thats what ive been doin for the past year buying on the dip but not once has my port ever been 1k down in 14 months..soon as order books come in ppl are 7k down no coincidence is it the whole book system is a shambles even up to yesterday morning ppls portfolios were healthy..soon as i logged on in the evening most of the players were enarly £2 down in price its confusing to some ppl also when one minute they are down then up because of sell ques
    they couldnt even get that right having issues already with it...why bring new features in when clearly they have not got the manpower or the technology to deal with it its ppl money they are playing with but aslong as everyone understands the order books i guess everythings ok

  • @Rob-E its not a shambles at all they had a few technical issues but prices are in the traders hands and in no way is that the fault of FI. If you are so set on valuing your portfolio on what you can sell it for then calculate it by the IS price and you will find your portfolio actually went up in value yesterday

  • Banned

    I don't think the bit about the double worth due to 100% div increase is correct

    The div increase has made the players worth what they are now and maybe a little more but not much. The change in price recording is just recording what that worth is.

    I think that is to be embraced. Values are now accurate since the first time since IS was removed.

  • @Black-Wolf everytime i tried to participate in ipo the screen crashed and im not the only one most likely happened to you put everyone off thats why it was on hold for a few this comes out and theres faults again ive never seen such a business with underqualified staff who aint got a clue what they are doing they focus too much on hyping up lovely bonuses etc but cant be bothered to fix the technical side it remind sme a bit of football manager game,
    when theres a few bugs sports interactive reckon they cant reproduce the mate rin house so it must be our fault

  • @Rob-E just wait till you experience the crash from that cfx group and the lack of communication following it.

    Anyone panicking after yesterday just Haven’t understood what was going to happen and are to hung up on a virtual profit figure

  • I appreciate the comments - but I too find it very frustrating. It just shows that the Buy price was previously meaningless. It looks like it was purely inflated to make portfolios look good.

    I had a few different players listed for sale well below the buy price, but not one sold in the last week - so how were prices rising?

  • @Black-Wolf there wont be any crashes they are expanding do some research on it propa research now not read robot comments which ppl have posted on google so they can promote their own business lol someone withdrew 88k out of there yesterday and also got given a lamborghini ..the difference between the two is cfx dont lose money because they trade on the forex market which has 5 trillion a day traded on it so they always make money with a bot they use which is 90%+ sucessful 1-2% every single day
    then i see ppl losing money on here its painful to read

  • @NewUser457159 the price used to rise 1p for every 600 shares bought and drop 1p for every 600 shares listed for sale. The last couple of days saw everyone remove their shares from the sell queue with made prices jump up. The reason they have fell back down is because those same people have relisted the shares as offers, problem is that with the old system FI stacked up the sell queue and it was nice and compact with 600 shares at each penny interval but now traders able to list their shares for sale and we can’t physically see the orders we now have spread out pricing. There could 50 shares at one increment then 10 then 500. Like this:

    Old system


    New system


    Now if the same number of shares were listed yesterday as there were before in the sell queue you can quite easily see that prices would be lower now, granted the panic will have caused others to try to sell as well but what’s important is that it could actually take less share movement to raise or lower a players price.

    For me the biggest positive is that the index can start moving again as its been in gridlock since March but now money can move again

  • You are completely correct in what you write. Medium to long term the benefits will be self evident. It will be good for the shareholder and Football Index as a market. The working principles of 'sell orders', order books etc align Football Index more to the working of traditional stock markets.

  • @Sav2000 yes then is 6-12 months time when you just think things are getting good platform once again changes and takes away your hard work dear oh dear

  • @NewUser620089 I’m which case buddy sell up, not a dig but I have faith and I’m happy to have a substantial amount of money in the platform; if you’re not I understand and clearly leaving is best for you.

    I wish you well in the future 👍

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