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  • Why won't FI provide an analytics API? The FI analytics tools are awful and the Equities and Derivatives brokers (which FI loosely seems to compare themselves to) have a load of options, some in house or simply 3rd party analytics tools. I get why you may want to block API Trading functionality but for the purposes of analysing data, I don't get the reluctance to develop this.

    My portfolio fell 5% today (it has never fallen more than 1% in a day previously) and I'm curious where the drops happened... I have 300+ players, there's no easy way of figuring it out. My portfolio shows 8% gain for last 24 hours EVERY DAY, and the net value doesn't change (or doesn't change by anything like 8%). Clearly a bug (FI knows about it) but this raises questions around the accuracy of their tools.

    I want to keep investing because I am almost certainly making money (lots of money based on FI's own tools, although once you throw the spread and liquidity in there it maybe far less when selling), but I don't trust their data. Super frustrating.

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    stick your players in there, shows instantly then

  • Thanks @MrWh1te. It seems you can import players via CSV but I don't see any way of exporting from FI. I have hundreds of players so manual entering isn't feasible. Am I missing something?

    (I do at least understand now that the 5% drop today is just the release of Order Books so no more concerns there.)

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    @GeoffH I think @Advinculas-Index can help with that, sorry with so few players, I just did it manually

  • @MrWh1te Thanks again!

    @Advinculas-Index - looks as though you maybe figured out a way of exporting from FI? I have around 300 players so trying to find a way of exporting from FI because their analytics is terrible. thanks in advance

  • @GeoffH

    Hi Geoff - I use a site called which updates live and is free

    You can set up a watchlist of your players in there and it gives you the info you are after or you can export it into a spreadsheet, drop us your email and i will send you the copy of mine if you want

  • Hey @Advinculas-Index, thanks and sorry if I'm misunderstanding but my issue now is getting my portfolio into Index Price Alerts. I have ~300 players so manual entry isn't really feasible. How did you export your FI portfolio?

  • I "only" have 62 players so whilst it was a ballache initially twas worth it in the end - you only have to do it once , and then amend as and when you change your port.

    alternatively set it up directly on the website itself and you can sort on risers and fallers in there

    The other option is is that is gives you the facility to export every player on the platform so you could list your players on another tab in a spreadsheet and vlookup that.

  • @Advinculas-Index I went ahead and did it and it does seem decent - I do wish you could click players in "my players" to go directly to the Chart but still better than FI.

    This also suggests there is an API available (how else does IPA get their data?) so I'm still wondering why FI won't release the connection info to the rest of us, not that you necessarily know the answer.

  • @GeoffH

    If you go onto the help section on the website the guy that runs it is usually quick to get back to you.
    he is also on twitter
    I started this thread a few week back about it.

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