Date the ME first came in?

  • Can anyone remember what date the ME first came in. Just trying to work out the change in my portfolio value since then. Thanks.

  • @GDS

    Late May. Possibly 25th or 26th.

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  • God is it really that long ago.

    So my portfolio value the day before the ME came in was £16,100 (ish). Since then I've got a net deposit of £1,500 and my current portfolio value (based on the mid price) is £17,765. So overall, roughly even.

    I have had £565 of dividends and £500 worth of deposit bonus during the period, which has bolstered it a bit, but overall I'm pleasantly surprised. If you'd asked me to guess I would have though I would be around £1K to £2K down (you could argue I am £1K down due to the ME as I've about even but had that extra £1K in divs and bonus, however it was probably the introduction of the ME which triggered that bonus and the divs rise it enabled was responsible for at least some of that £565).

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