How far can Mo go?

  • As Salah is teetering on joining the 10 quid club how far can he realistically go? If he carries on his current form, the Scousers win the CL and he has a good WC will he surpass Neymar?

  • He'd need to be outperforming Neymar to surpass him which at the moment is unknown as Neymars dry spell is due to his injury. Wait til they're both fit and firing on all cylinders.

  • If everything continues and he wins the CL I can honestly see him winning the Balon D'or. That will send him through the roof.

  • Over £10 now. My first plus £10 player. Over £1 per share profit since I bought him but loathed to sell because of the buzz.

    Reckon he has a ways to go yet. Buzz will continue if Liverpool make it through tomorrow and he may still break Rush's record for goals. That should keep him as the media darling for a bit. Might slow down as we get closer to the WC as the media begins to focus on the England squad.

    What I wonder is whether he can keep it up next season.

  • It's all a question of who wins MB once Neymar is back, if Salah continues to dominate then logic would say he should eventually overtake Neymar.

  • @NewUser118976 How far can he go?

    My guess is about 900 miles south to Madrid if he keeps up this form!

    Ad said above by @John-Renwick and @AT10 it all depends on what happens when Neymar returns. If he can beat Neymar to the MB on quiet days and continues picking up PB at the same rate then no reason he can't be above him in price with the added bonus of being in the premier league.

  • Bought at £5.40 and sold at £9.12 pre game last week. On reflection it was an error

  • @NewUser118976 now he'll fly me to the moon and back 😂

  • @LG I've managed to fight the urge to sell him since I have him at an average price of £4.52. unless he moves to madrid I'm riding it out. He's the star of my portfolio lol

  • If Neymar stayed out then I’d say yes, but with Neymar’s inevitable return, he’ll start to go up in value again and so I don’t see Mo overtaking him. How much do people think Salah’s and Neymar’s value would be affected with a move to Spain? With Messi and Ronaldo up that high, do you think it would take THAT much of a hit? Tbh I don’t see Salah moving and with Klopp at Liverpool, I think we’ll have another good year of Salah in the PL yet. I’d be surprised if Neymar left so soon tbh. PSG would prefer him over Mbappe if there was a choice

  • Neymar is a proven talent, with at least 3 seasons of being one of the best players in the world. IMO salah won’t catch up to Neymar, but if he has a good second season in the PL, he’ll overtake Messi and ronaldo significantly especially as they’re getting older.

    The question is will he move this summer (I don’t think so and hope not) - and if he does how much will he drop! Coutinho dropped almost 50% since his move.

  • @NewUser137636
    Coutinho wasn’t scoring as many goals and in with more than a shout for Ballon d’or. I think a lot of his price was on MB towards a move, but while Salah does pick up MB for a potential transfer, he picks up a lot for many other things too (more than Coutinho). I think his price would drop but I’d be surprised if it went around 50%. That’s make him less than Pogba, Griezeman, an aging Ronaldo and Messi and similar price to Bale, Hazard and Dybala. He clearly offers a lot more than them and if he kept up this form over in Spain then who knows?! But I remember reading about him and watching him before he moved to Chelsea. I don’t think his ability us going to drastically drop and therefore I think he’ll still be relatively high and still contribute well to whatever team he is in

  • Neymar is about to set a new benchmark I think and press on for £13 in the coming month. On that basis there's no reason why Salah can't get to £11.50/£12 if he keeps on returning media dividends. His return will clearly reduce with competition from Neymar, Pogba and transfers, but he will more than hold his own imo and cement his place as number 2 on the index. To surpass Neymar he would have to dominate MB over the summer the way he has the last 7 weeks (coming first in MB in 23 of the last 46 days, returning £1.44 in MB alone...). If he somehow manages to do that for the next 6 weeks then we would be looking at the new FI king 🤴🏽

  • I can't see Egypt getting far in the World Cup but every top club in Europe will be interested in signing him. I might sell just before the season starts in August.

  • I don't see why he can't eclipse Neymar, or maybe they'll both rocket through £15, £20, £30 at some point. There is no upward limit on this platform. It's been consistently growing and if there are more people getting involved at the World Cup then that will only bring more money in.

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