Bid Depth & Number of Sellers

  • Once the bid depth functionality for Order Books is added, do we also expect number of sellers/ sell orders to then follow?

    Hopefully I'm understanding this correctly but would it not leave prices open to big fluctuations by individual traders if not?

    eg, If I saw a single trader selling 300 shares at rock bottom, I would be less concerned than seeing 10 traders selling 30 shares, assuming it was down to individual circumstances of the trader than overall sentiment towards the player.

  • @Metropolis Visible depth is massively important more so than the sell orders. What you say is true as you will be able to see where a lot of people place there valuations in a player but at the moment not being able to see the depth and volume of bids creates a bigger issue.

    As it stands prices can be manipulated by anyone holding 300 shares. If you know theres little demand for a player but you want to buy more before there is demand then you could list your shares low and hope someone under cuts you then cancel your offer and buy there shares. Or two people could chase a price down low by undercutting each other and leave a huge void in their wake which creates an image of a price crashing but the purchase of 300 shares could see it jump 10p, 20p or more.

    Ive been topping up and already experienced this a little, i bought 50 nick pope which caused his price to rise 2p and 50 shares of another 2 keepers which caused 1p rises.

    This lack of depth will lead to quick recoveries in times of high demand and will continue to be the case until Nasdaq is introduced and lets view the order books throughly

  • @Black-Wolf I spent a lot of time thinking about this last night. I suppose its very probable that because traders haven't been able to sell fashionable players for a while now, they're sat on an even lower initial buy price than the whole ME period.

    Once they're sold, it should leave holders at a higher buy price and in turn for them to want to sell, the 'offer' would be higher? I'm personally waiting for the depth before making any sales, even though offers are in I don't think its still showing where the actual value lies. e.g. if the lowest 300 offers are £1, but then the next 300 at £1.20, surely his true value is something around £1.10?

  • @Highfields96 exactly. People are just putting up low offers hoping for a quick sale but without depth to compare the offer to the actual price many are struggling to understand whether the price shown is a good deal or the result of a crash. Im confident that these offers if you could see them will be thin and spread out

  • @Black-Wolf yep, no-one knows if this is a good deal or not and that is part of the problem. Our portfolio' have tanked but the actual damage might not be as severe.

    Wonder how long it'll be before depth is visible?

  • @Highfields96 the said Q4 so i hope they deliver

  • @Black-Wolf Q4 starts on Oct 1? Same day as sell queue will be dissolved - hopefully they come together although not holding my breath.

  • @Highfields96 with FI Q4 will mean it Hogmany

  • So we've obviously still not got bid depth but we now have buy price displayed as average of 900 shares and instantly I am better able to understand how the market values a player rather than just one or two sellers being daft and desperate.

    Golovin + 9p
    Bastoni + 10p
    Morelos + 9p
    Barrentetxea + 12p from mid day low
    Caci + 8p
    Rudiger + 6p
    Badiashile + 8p
    Kamara + 12p
    Dagba + 12p
    David Silva +6p
    Eric Garcia + 10p

    I think we can now have confidence that in a lot of cases, a minority of panic sellers are undermining buy-prices and it would not take much to break down the thin barrier.

    In other cases, 900 shares may all be listed at the same low price with potentially more on top of that, in which case it is logical to conclude that player may not rise for a long time.

  • @Black-Wolf Reading your posts always end up making me feel better lol.

  • Port's just rocketed. What a great trader I am.

  • @JK said in Bid Depth & Number of Sellers:

    Port's just rocketed. What a great trader I am.

    So has mine but I can’t see where

  • Some of these price rises show just how thin the market was and how unjustified the panic was.

    Making it 900 instead of 300 shares to begin with could have prevented the shitshow.

  • Same here - shot up about £250 over night - no obvious changes though

  • how do i cancel a bid please?

  • @JK really highlights how little depth of offers there was and that people really were worrying over nothing

  • @Black-Wolf you should see all the happy idiots posts on Facebook groups

  • @Ddr 🤣 unbelievable.

  • @Black-Wolf it really does stagger belief

    I'll readily admit that I may not be the best trader or able to see cycles coming but at least I understand the platform and price movements, some people seem so blinkered to the mechanisms

  • @Ddr Some people will burn money to "win" dividends.

    Degenerate gamblers are strange creatures, but I feel sorry for them.

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