This is a Gambling Platform so?

  • for someone to win someone must have to lose, is this not correct?

    and FI have to make a profit as a business, is this just the 2% sell and soon to be buy or are they going to implement the 3 year rule strictly?

    I enjoy the platform and have done ok but in the back of mind I keep asking the question, who wins and who loses...............

  • @trig it is now. It's going to be much more competitive from now on in. Picking your spots will be key a lot of traders will find it hard to profit.

  • When the fun stops, stop.

  • @trig Good point Trig, it moves that way now. More losers than there were before...more visible losers anyway

  • Yeah I totally get when the fun stops etc and I'm grand and enjoying it but just interested in the money.

    Is the money not just bouncing around from owner of shares to others until someone gets a serious injury, moves to a non pb or retires?

  • technically I guess no one needs to lose, we just all buy kimmich and slowly collect divs, which return less and less as his price increass, eventually FI run out of money...😆

    In reality we sell at a loss sometimes to try and make more elsewhere!

    Divs increase to encourage investment and more investment increases prices which means divs need to be increased like a lovely circle of life! Let's hope money coming in never dries up...😁

  • Also god forbid if Sancho got hit by a bus tomorrow and was done, where would the millions bet on him go?

    I'm being a bit ridiculous but just interested what would happen all the cash in him?

  • @trig FI have that money from when we initially bought all the shares, its used to pay his divs, so they'd keep it!

  • @Marksandygill I have sold loads at a loss to restructure my port so I get that.

    However if people stopped investing what would the outcome be?

  • @trig FI would need to encourage more investors via higher divs! Essentially if no new money came in and no one was buying or selling they'd eventually run out of money by paying divs!

  • @trig love how we're all getting all philosophical, it's been a long night - lets get some rest and hopefully wake up to no further losses tomorrow :/

  • @trig
    This is correct.
    And as people see their ports in the red, slowly those people will leave and the users at the skill level just above those who left will then become the losers.
    As such it will get harder and harder.

    OB's have the same effect as reaching market cap.

    Things could get a lot more painful bfrom here on.

    The problem FI has is, it doesn't have that instant buzz of gambling and who is gonna pump in thousands when you can win the same amount from a relatively blow risk bet on the traditional bookies

  • Well yes, in theory but we can all hold the same player at a different price which means for us all to 'win' (make profit) will be different. If you factor in that you could hold for 2 years and make 50% dividends on that player too.

    I think you just have to sell when the time is right for you, if you're happy with the returns take it and move on because my experience over the last few days or so it gets messy when everyone tries to exit together.

  • @Highfields96 This is very true.

    I cant speak for everyone, but Ive never had a bad hold. I just sold at the wrong time. The ROI varies ofc but all would have returned profit if I held longer or wasnt so greedy.

  • @Kanzz and that'll be the hardest part of it. Selling was difficult to time before but now its got 10 fold harder.

  • @Highfields96 The removal of IS in general made it harder to make money, you have to time your exits well now.

    Before you could cash out at the drop of a hat, now you need to time it to a transfer or a div win basicly.

  • @Kanzz instant sell is still there unless im reading it wrong ive just clicked instant sell on salah and it works

  • @Rob-E Not as it once was, its called IS, but its not the same as it used to be.

    Now IS is bids from other people buying your shares, so you only get whats offered.
    IS used to be FI buying the shares back off you for a set price at any volume, usually a few % less than BN price.

    Mutton dressed as lamb tbh.

  • @Kanzz got it cheers mate another feature i didnt know selling up i think i cant deal with this its too painful im surprised everyone else wants to stay in and lose money there must be some rich ppl in here willing to throw money away

  • @Rob-E Alot of changes going on but in the long run it will all balance out, its just the way its all happened thats hard to take, so much so fast.

    However it isnt the first time its been rough and wont be the last, but it always bounces back this time stronger than ever with some luck. Need to just hold tight, the hard parts over now.

    It should be smoother sailing from this point on.

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