Luis Suarez

  • Just like to ask people’s thoughts on Luis Suarez. Do you think he’s peaked? Do you think there is any value left in him? I know there’s the WC coming up but will that make much of a difference to his value? I have him in my portfolio, he dropped heavy after CL exit but doesn’t appear to be making any sort of recovery.

  • Always playing second fiddle to Messi at Barca so struggles for PB, Uruguay could have a decent World Cup but unless he bites someone again I can't see him winning any MB in that time, may get the 1 PB in WC

    Personally I'd hold him for next season though as with market growing price will rise for next season, yes he plays second fiddle but he's still capable of PB.

  • @B1992G Think you’re right probably worth holding for now. His price has stabilised somewhat of late so maybe worth keeping unless someone knocks his teeth out 😜

  • he's my oldest surviving buy 6/7 months ago at roughly 2.11.... he didn't move for ages and in fact dropped in value which made me buy more and went up to 2.76 but I stuck with on the basis he'll be one of Uruguay's main men in Russia.

    The Messi second fiddle thing, along with his age is an issue... But his PB returns haven't been too bad... Similar to Ronaldo a good WC will see his price rise again but a poor one and it will fall just as quick? I also think he has one big season left in La Liga so next summer i'll be interested to see where he's at in value??? Probably 50% lower than currently at least?

    Alternatively... If he bights someone during this WC we could see some potential MB wrestled away from the likes of Neymar & Mo Salah?

  • @dannypea. Shame we have to rely on him biting someone to get MB’s 😳 but as you say he’s one of Uruguay’s main men so on that basis I’m gonna see where. He’s at after the WC.

  • @NewUser126610 I'm worried Cavani might out score him and take the headlines but Suarez has a lot to offer and if he's scoring goals whether it be in Russia or La Liga next season I'm sure his price will hold up? I don't expect anything too big now as he'll likely hover around the £2 mark (give or take 30p) for some time so as long as i get my investment back after a few PB's i'll be happy... He's still got a hat-trick or two left in him!!

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