Absolutely confused

  • Had a portfolio worth just under £1.7k with 15% profit of around £230 before yesterday, wake up this morning when many are claiming the worst has passed to find its still dropping to around £1450 with profit of around £60, now I'm not a massive trader, mine were more long term youngsters (Verschaeren, Gravenberch, Tavares, Ait Nour, Leite etc) aswell as dead certs for summer moves (Van De Beek, Tonali, Watkins, Koulibaly, Meunier, Salisu) summer transfer, now I've sat with these for a while just waiting for the opportunity to profit and then move them for more IPD/MB big guns and now that all gone..... Did do anything wrong and what should I do next, I'm not one of those guys who can now chuck more money at it to make it better either 😕🤔

  • @NobbyNoMates these days it's a bit risky just having young kids and no PB/MB big hitters! Also with transfer targets remember people always buy for the hype and then sell just before they actually move!
    Van De Beek was around £3.40 a share but dropped massively after his move!

  • @Marksandygill Exactly the timing for me was horrendous as I was going to see how he and Tonali got on and try and move them on after the season started 🙄

  • @NobbyNoMates yeah I had VDB from a while ago and was toying with selling, guess I'll just hold him for PB now!
    I don't think Tonali's move to Milan is a bad one, they are in the europa league I think?
    All in all they are good holds, but if you bought to sell then you might have to wait for them to put a good performance in!

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