• With world cup around the corner and Madrid in champions league final why is Ronaldo dropping like a stone?

  • It's only 2%,

    Probably just people selling after the game last night. He has 50% less champions league games left than yesterday and there is still 6 weeks before the WC.
    Looks like other players will be sold by madrid and he will stay so might not get his usual media.

    I wouldn't panic though, he'll be back.

  • @Teddy808 i think its because of his very very bad performance against bayern.... he seems out of form IMO.

  • He's not been playing great of late but knowing Ronny that will still create MB so no panic just yet especially with the WC ahead... Although are his legs finally going?? He could easily flop in Russia (he weren't great at the Euros) and I'll be surprised if he reaches the 30 goal barrier in La Liga next season and that might cause a few USA/China ripples that could again drive his price down? I think we are still way off a Ronaldo drop but he'll no doubt go soon so certainly worth keeping a close eye for any panic sells.

  • Treble media days are around the corner, star at the WC and yet another CL final, he will pick a few MBs I would think

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