Neg head

  • I'd like to think I am a positive and level headed person, and spotting a moment where I may panic and make a bad decision, I decided to self exclude for 48 hours with my port decreasing. I have no idea what I will come back to, but I expect it to be bad. I am hopeful for the future though.

    What I wanted to come on and say (and I realise this won't be highest priority for a lot of people at the moment) is FI do yourself a favour and sort out your social media.

    I realise that twitter is full of bile and they could announce 10 x divs for ever and you would still get someone complaining, but judge the crowd.

    Given there are a lot of people not in the best mood right now, posting about winning a sodding QPR shirt twice and other trivial stuff is not really reading the crowd.

    We seem to have users who will always be unhappy and you can't please them all but something along the lines of 'x player is currently trading at x price - a gold win in tomorrow's game will return 25%' might have been a bit better

    Where people's ports have dropped considerably, maybe a tweet about tomorrow being a gold day and these are the payouts, maybe even an advert for the current 5*ipd might have been good to highlight the money available.

  • Good point. And putting a rocket on the tweet that signalled the beginning of sell orders yesterday, was I’ll judged to say the least 🤨

  • @Moukoko for anyone thats been hit hard emotionally from the impact of sell orders i feel that this should make them feel a bit better and help them understand how false these drops are and only temporary.

    Below is a picture of my transaction history i put on another thread which clearly shows the lack of depth that is creating these low prices. I bought 50 lopez in one go the first 40 for 65p and the last 10 for 73p thats an 8p difference where there were no sell orders inbetween. If you can wrap your head around this it shows that prices can fly at any moment and very little money is required for it to do so unlike the old system.5DA13867-2FF5-4BFD-AE58-454BF94A6C02.jpeg

    This small purchase of 50 shares resulted in me lifting Lopez’s displayed Buy price 2p on average

  • @Moukoko Think they might of read this post. Now started pumping GK's and the fact that GK PB is launched tomorrow. They have been very quiet today!!

  • @Martyn-B it's insane! Smashing out 5*ipds after doubling divs, first day of the prem tomorrow, pb div changes, TOTM, new GK category. Best they can come up with is that Forest play QPR!

    It's like me marrying Margot Robbie and then when my mate asks me what's new, I tell him that I watched an episode of countryfile.!

    It's probably also a bit of a kick in the tits to those sitting on losses. "lost 20k in the last 24 hours, retweet and we might give away a signed shirt for a team you don't support"

  • All a bit harsh.

    They've also literally just released a statement on the order book release to chill people out.

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