FI article on Fantasy Football Scout

  • Any FPL enthusiasts are likely to be aware of the Fantasy Football Scout website. It's a go to site for all things Fantasy Football. Like FI, it has a pretty large forum following so interesting to see an article dedicated to FI today and it looks like it'll be a regular feature. Hopefully it'll drive new customers to the platform.

    Article here:

  • @Vaughany Classic FFS in that the comments quickly turn to RMT!!?? 😂

    Good link up for FI, especially if this article is weekly and the author understands the market mechanisms. I find it hard to understand people who are into fpl and like a gamble, but aren't on FI. It's crazy!!!

  • @TotalPunt
    Tell me about it, I payed for annual membership one year a while back and although the content was quite good, the forum was literally all RMT!

    Great publicity for FI though especially, if like you say, it's a regular feature. I have been playing FPL since 2007/08 but only heard of FI last year. I know FI hasn't been around that long but it's surprising how many FPL players aren't aware of FI. Hopefully these FFS articles might change that.

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