10% Bonus on purchases for a month.

  • In the past, (sometimes imo when it was not required), FI offered 10% Bonus on purchases for a month. In light of the recent drops, I feel this is needed now more than ever. Any one else feel the same? ...

    As a side note when is the 'birthday' of FI as I forget, and they always do a 10% offer then.

  • Nah they are doing a cash drop so some people on twitter can tell all their followers how great FI are cos they won

  • You know that the market drop really doesn't matter to FI as a business... They are clearly trying the cash drop first as its way cheaper to get money into the market than a bonus.

    All they need is something to increase the buy side across the whole market but all a cash drop or a bonus does is put money into a small group of players and GK. The rest of the market is more about sentiment of people taking on higher risk. They will not take that risk on while they are seeing a loss and will move to more safe players

  • @Toptom you seem to asking FI to do something to make traders buy players there is little demand for, then what? Someone else is stuck with those players. Its not FI’s problem if some players are in demand and others arent. We now have a market that truly reflects supply and demand we should be happy about that because now FI makes perfect sense when it comes to players going up and down in price

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