World Cup Finalists and effecting player's prices

  • We all know that the main favorites for the WC are Germany, Brazil and Spain and the players within the winning country and even the runners-up will get a massive boost.....if Egypt win the WC then Salah will be break the Index :-)

    Which countries do you think will reach the final/win it and which player's will benefit the most for their country's WC success?



  • I'm not so sure that players prices will rise in a linear fashion with regards to their progress in the World Cup.

    As a team progresses, their potential PB return diminishes due to fewer games left to play. People may start to take profit around the QF/SF stage. We've seen in the European competitions that even some players still in the competitions fell a bit after the quarter final.

    There were other factors, and I could be totally wrong on this. Will be interesting to see how it plays out, and a potential huge influx of new traders could cause chaos. I personally would not buy into what will could be an incredibly over-priced player by the semi-final stage for for the chance of one or two PB wins. The potential crash after the final would wipe that out very quickly.

  • But to answer the last part of your question which I shamefully ignored, I think the players who will benefit most will be players who are relatively cheap now but have a break out tournament. The sort of tournament that will lead to big rumours and big moves. I think saying the players who play for the teams which reach the final will see the most growth is a bit simplistic. Even if they do, if that value is tied to the world cup it will disappear once the tournament is over.

  • I have a list of country who may win the World Cup and players I invested in ,
    Argentina - di Maria , higuain
    Brazil - firminho, coutinho ( considering Jesus )
    Germany - muller , sane , Wagner
    Belgium ( dark horse ) de brynue
    France - mbappe

    Anyone notice I missed out England? The first 24 years of my life , always supported England to win euro and World Cups. As I got older and wiser , reality kicks in and realise England is just not good enough . England try’s to play Possesion based football like Spain and Germany . Every England manager picks the same old players regardless of in form or injured . I just hope Gareth Southgate will be brave and go with youth and with a lot of speed .
    the English players looks good at their own club because they are being carried by European n South American players in the premiership .
    Rants over lol

  • I think the usual suspects will dominate the later stages so on that basis it may not have as much effect on the market as we believe? especially if the knockout games are tight single goal or shootout affairs? but there's always one surprise team who does well and I back some of those lesser known players that we've missed to be the biggest risers? You know the 70p players from Switzerland & Denmark or the IPO's from Egypt and Mexico that might just catch the eye enough to warrant big money moves?

    Where i see small rises in those that do well.. it could be catastrophic for those that don't with traders cashing out as quick as their stars are knocked out which will i think have the biggest market impact?

    For buying IN... I think the players in Serie A and the Dutch youngsters ie those that are not there might offer best value for money but for cashing out it could be a better time to sell before or during the group stages then leaving it too late in the competition (as we've seen with the UCL semis).

  • Spain are big favs for me.

    Germany second favs and then i would say Brazil

    France i have not been that impressed with under deschamps

    Argentina have Messi so they have a chance

  • Lol, if football was that easy to predict, stick an accumulator on job done were all millionairs. If you not worked it out football don't work like that and having an exit statagy you can just simply tick players off when you think they will get knocked out, you will be in for a massive shock as well as a lot of red in your profile.

  • Tim Vickery knows his stuff regarding South American football, he thinks Argentina will struggle and Uruguay could have a good tournament.

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