Mentioned FI to a friend recently...

  • He told me he used to have an account in 2017-2018, and he was thinking of starting again.
    I asked why didn't he carry on and who did he have in his port?
    He had 100 shares in Rashford at £1.21, but he sold up for a loss because he couldn't see them recovering. How much are they worth now?

    Ouch. Don't be like my friend.

  • @DefaultM so the were £1.21 in old money thats 40p today after the share split. Hes now £6.16. Thats 1440% increase

    So in total his 100 shares at £1.21 was worth £121 but today he would have 300 shares at £6.16 worth £1848

    OUCH!!! Cushion the blow and dont tell him we had a share split

  • @Black-Wolf lol I told him that he was worth about £6, but that there was a share split so he would have had 300 shares instead. I don't think he put 2 and 2 together at the time, but he probably did when he was laying in bed that night.

  • Plus dividends!

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