Viewing my portfolio in a different way (Why not now?)

  • Hi all,

    I imagine this is a new implementation that dropped during the latest update, but if you now click on your account button, there's an option, in the middle of the page, just to the right, allowing you to jump between two different views.

    Now, this might not be a good time to suggest this, as I know there's a lot of negativity and upset on the forum after the latest update, but this button allows you to view your finances, based on the 'Buy now price' and the 'Mid-range price'.


    Now, for those with heart conditions, and who have suffered a heavy loss this week, I would suggest not changing at this point.

    I have suffered a loss this week, but I was fully aware of where and how and why, so I have taken it a little lighter, plus my port is only a few thousand pounds worth. But the mid-range select, is something I will be working with from this point on, yes the view increases, quite massively, the amount I have lost, but it is a more realistic/conservative view of what my portfolio is actually worth.

    My question is, are there any of you out there, who are changing to this view, and using this as a benchmark for the value of your portfolio. Is there any use in the "Buy now price' option, if the buy now value is only ever achievable if your entire port is playing that day, playing well, and the spreads have closed up between sell/buy?

    Thanks, and I wish you all the best this weekend with the new div structure, hopefully we can all begin to claw back some of our negative equity.

  • @UncleBeard Yes but im a sadomasochist tho lol, so im rolling on Mid display from now on.
    It isnt as bad as it actually looks for people in panic, on the upside when my guys skyrocket and I cash out I will be twice as happy with what I get, as it will be more than I thought.

    Im not worried as I know when and why I will be selling my guys and those times arnt just now, nows a buying time!
    Below is my worst hit guys.

    worst cunts.jpg

  • @UncleBeard owch! Only a 8 out of 25 showing profit but this is closer to the true value so makes sense to make the change. Luckily it is hard to see all blue the through the tears 😢

  • I don’t see the need for ‘mid price’ because for the first time in 6 months there is now a realistic prospect of being able to sell players for their ‘buy now’ price by placing sell orders.

    Previously during Covid the very long sell queues made this almost impossible.

  • I'm on mid-point view - I wasn't sure at first but I'm learning to not look at the actual values right now. I wasn't planning on selling any of my players for 3 months more minimum so not overly bothered what the figures say at the minute but in 3 months I'll definitely prefer the mid-range.

  • Its one of the first things I did when if came back online on Thursday
    I have been tracking my port basing my values on the Mid and IS price for the last 3 months now in order to condition myself psychologically in terms of what is (imo) a more realistic current port value.

    I also have the Buy price on there but after the first 2 weeks of using it, i found myself pretty much ignoring it and referring to the Mid price - 2% commission column.

    No one is right or wrong here i guess.

  • @Wynnston too funny!

  • I had it at midpoint for nearly 24 hours but have switched back to buy price.

    Three main reasons:-

    1- I tend to sell when a player is in demand, so the midpoint was too conservative for me.

    2- My OCD just couldn't handle seeing in my portfolio cost as £1.00, value at £1.10, but the P/L as any other figure than 10p.

    3- Kept very accurate spreadsheet for 18 months. This always recorded buy price so will continue to do so.

  • @ocs123 I agree before Black Thursday the mid point would have been a truer reflection but because now you are more likely to sell to market I think that price is more realistic now.

  • I think the mid-price is completely pointless now as we’ve gone from one extreme in port value to another.

    Before OBs the buy value was over-inflated and not a fair reflection of each players worth. Now the buy price is determined by the lowest 300 offers, which may be way under the average price of all or a high percentage of offers. Therefore we now have a buy price that’s still way off and now under-valuing players lol. For example a players price may be £5 because the lowest 300 average is that but all the offers above that 300 may average out at £6.

    It would’ve made more sense in terms of giving a fairly accurate port and player value if the buy price was determined by a either a larger number of offers or an average off all or midway offers. There’s going to be some extreme volatility in its current form.

    I’m leaving mine at buy price as that’s the lowest price you’ll get for that player in effect but in most instances will get more.

  • TBH i would rather have it set at the IS price. Especially if i am buying at Bids too then its fair comparison. Rather than the volatility & artificial rise from the spread. Get that the average user will see it as scary due to more of a drop but lets get some real accuracy. But also get that FI really relies on a fake bounce when you buy something to keep the cultists happy!

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