Who else can rise like Salah?

  • We have seen what one amazing season can do to a player (Salah) on the Index but who has the potential to have their own wonder season next year and jump into the £7/£8/£9 or even £10 valuation??

    • Zaha? currently valued at £2.48 has attracted many clubs over the last 12 months....he could potentially reach £6 !! (Salah was valued at £2.41....6 months ago !!)
    • Bailey? currently valued at £2.97 and also has attracted many clubs....he could potentially reach £6 !!
    • Mbappe? currently trading at £4.86 and definitely has the ability to be one of the worlds best players....he could potentially reach £7 and beyond !!!

    If anyone else has any other players that they feel will have a 'wonder' season next year then lets hear them....



  • I am sweet on Mahrez after a move. Player of the Year stock, good age 27 and still relatively cheap..
    I do have a small holding for full disclosure, but think will top up...

  • @AndyP32

    In order to become the next Salah, the player has to be a standout performer in a top 5 team, playing champions league football. If the player does this, they will win player buzz, and as a result, will start picking up media buzz.

    I don't see Zaha ever achieving this with Crystal Palace. So will he move this summer? My understanding is that his contract with Palace runs till 2022, which means it will cost a lot of money to sign him. I'm not saying he won't move, but Palace won't want to sell, so I can't see it happening.

    Mahrez is a good shout. It's pretty clear he wants to leave Leicester, and I'd expect to see him at a champions league side next season.

  • @AndyP32 defo on mbappe I reckon he will go 10/ 15 quid

  • Leon Bailey is contracted to leverkusen till 2022, who currently sit 5th in Bundesliga and if they don't make Champions League, they may look to sell. But again, players with long term contracts cost a premium, that only the top 5 clubs in the world can really afford. I expect lots of speculation this summer, but no movement.

    Mbappe is a solid shout to rise over the long term. He plays for a team that wins every week, and appears in the champions league. He will be a starter for the French national team for years to come. The only thing that stands in his way is neymar (who he will often play second fiddle to, and lose player buzz as a result).

  • Leroy Sane is my bet

  • I have been asking myself a lot lately on who will be the next salah . My stretegy lately has been investing on player who has potential to be next FI king . I can’t justify myself in paying £8+ a share . I would have love to join fi earlier to ride the wave on players like Messi , Ronaldo , neyma etc . For me it’s too late to jump on that ship . I agree with some of the comments about investing in top 5/6 teams in the premiership , for media purposes and more chance of winning pb . If one of my player in my portfolio will achieve half of salah success then am than happy . Still waiting on my first MB win lol .

  • @FOF
    So who have you gone with

    My most expensive buy is Isco as I figured great chance of CL and WC glory. Given he is one of if not Spain's main man I figured he would surely rise.

    Oh how wrong I was, 19p a future down and simply holding now in the hope I can recoup some of my loss.

  • @FOF Sane, Mbappe and Firmino look like good profit makers for next season....

  • As a Coventry fan I think Maddison could be a good buy to hold for the next few years. I've heard several times the likes of Liverpool, Man City and Spurs are interested for about £25m to £30m. He came through our academy and as usual we gave him away for peanuts, this time Norwich were the ones to grab a bargain. Tom Bayliss is our next big thing from the youth team.

  • I'll be very surprised if anyone rises as quick as Salah as he's gone from winger with potential to world class superstar in less than a season... For me whoever Real Madrid signs as their striker will have a great chance of rising in value (Vinicious Junior perhaps??).. If say Icardi gets a move to the Bernabeu he could be scoring 30+ or if maybe someone like Fekir or Diaz at Lyon get a chance somewhere big they might double in value?? Lauturo Martinez & Christian Pavon perhaps could do the same although its maybe a season too early for them? I'm also waiting for a Delli Alli or Anthony Martial to start kicking on in fulfilling their potential? Jadon Sancho perhaps offers the best bet in the Bundesliga whilst Neres or kluivert at Ajax could become very big very quick??? Malcom too perhaps?

    Take a punt on them all!!! ;-)

  • @dannypea Have you been looking through my portfolio?! You have named about half of the players I hold. Hope your right, we could both be rich men!

  • SMS if he moves... Assensio in two years... Mbappe has a great chance when Neymar leaves PSG. A lot depends on manager moves but am attacking manager at Chelsea could tip soneone over and playing Europa league... Triple mb most days in that comp.
    Don't see it being obvious next year... Can see some big spikes and crashes in a couple of players mind...

  • Too early to say. Depends on who moves to the Premier League.

    To have a really serious rise a player needs to be the THE main headline for his club like Salah is for Liverpool so can't see any City players having huge rises as the headlines are too shared out. Sane isn't going to be that sort of player.

    In reality, probably no-one. Maybe an Arsenal player if they had a big season. If Hazard leaves and a Chelsea player explodes then that could be an option as there is a vacancy for their headliner.

  • Sergej M-S.

  • @CleanShirtTrader Are you a fan? I had a feeling you might be, not sure why.

    I see SMS as a Pogba light, great talent but I can't see him ever getting enough goals to be a £10 player. All players that have got close to £10 have been 30 goal a season (minimum) players, I can't see it with SMS although he could easily be a £5-6 player at united if he performs.

    My personal pick is Sterling, I don't actually hold at the moment but he has had a brilliant season for city with 18 goals and 11 assist from 24 starts. He's also missed a bucket load of chances, if he can get the confidence and get on a role like Salah has this season I think he could increase his conversion rate and become City's poster boy and get up to £10 but it all depends on how many goals he can score.

  • @Ozzlebert said in Who else can rise like Salah?:

    @CleanShirtTrader Are you a fan? I had a feeling you might be, not sure why.

    What gave me away?..

  • I think Alexis Sanchez will increase in price next season, maybe not to £10 but surely by a few quid. He will have a full summer off for the first time in years and will hopefully have adjusted to his new team by now. He was in Salah form only 12 months ago so has shown he can score plenty. United having a proper run at the title and Champs League will help too. I’m hoping his price drops during World Cup with Chile not involved. Is he too old to take a risk on though?

  • Auba?

    If Arsenal get a decent coach in and can sort their defence they might make a decent run at it (Christ I sound like Wenger).

    Auba has had a few months to settle in now and done well enough, no WC for him so if he hits the ground running he could have a big season.

    Also has the flash off field persona to whip up some buzz?

  • @AndyP32

    I love buying attackers and midfielder who can score goals .

    Man City - Leroy sane , Kevin de bruyne
    Liverpool - firmino , mane
    Arsenal - welbeck ( going to swap with aubamang and lacasette
    Spurs - son , eriksen

    I am only including players currently at top6 teams in premiership , depending on what transfer activity the big team will purchase over the summer to evaluate investment.
    Any of the above players I mentioned has a chance of having a wonderful next season and possibly be next salah . Majority of them should be going to the World Cup so possibility of dividends from mb or pb . Any kind of big transfer rumours will be added bonus .
    I am not trying to promote these players , it’s just my personal opinion and stretegy .

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