Assessing the damage

  • 48 hour self exclusion has now expired. Just opened the account, difference is £300 on the profit tab, so back to £750 profit.

    A lot more of a drop than I had hoped/expected, however hopeful of an increase getting me back up to £1000 in the next 2 months.

    Glad to see that a few of my players have stepped in with some goals and assists, if only in the Pokal cup (Bensabaini, and Niederlechner) so not eligible.

    A couple of players to play in La Ligations and Ligue 1 later, so hoping the recovery continues (1% up in last 24 hours)

    Now to work out how to use Order Books (probably should have done that earlier)

  • I was hoping for no more than a £300 loss but ended up with just over £600 which, i wont lie, was a massive kick in the bollocks.

    So weird at the moment with so much movement and volatility. Normally if none of my players are playing my P/L is practically flat. It might go up or down a tenner but hardly any change. Now when I refresh I drop £40 in a heartbeat but then increases just as quick! I understand why it's doing that but it's not what i've been used to.

    That's gonna take a bit of time to get used to. I always saw this as an investment platform (wrong I know - it's a gambling platform) but now it feels like I should be trading in and out on a constant basis and that doesn't really suit.

  • @JonesyFI-WH Yeah there is a lot of volatility. I wonder if this is just prices correcting or the new normal. Could be that some have made really low sell offers and when these are bought, the price shoots up. Guess there then needs to be more low sell orders for it to go back down. Are your spikes on individual players, or your portfolio overall?

    I've had some good rises on a few players today (Delort) but portfolio is looking awful due to the Serie A and Bundesliga players dragging it down. Hoping this corrects itself next week.

    Going back to the discussions yesterday, i'd say bid depth is crucial to gauge volatility. A coupe of low offers dragging a price down is nothing to worry about, but many traders at the same price is.

  • @Metropolis I'm hoping it's just until the spreads get tighter as it's a nightmare! If i'm honest i'm not even sure which players they are (I have just over 50 players in port) as I can never keep track!

    Just had a big rise on Rodri cos a low sell offer must've been gobbled up and the next one was a lot higher. I expect that to be undercut shortly though. Tonali is my biggest loss at 44p down and he's still got a 33p spread! Where's the MM for him ffs? ;) So he's liable to a further drop soon.

    Yes bid depth is massive to see the more realistic price. Think people are panicking and seeing the depth will massively calm some nerves as we are betting blind AGAIN!! Just wish FI would leave alone or integrate the changes all in one go. Yes it will be an info overload but these changes (and not to completion) is killing it for me.

    First they remove IS, then add just the bid side, then add the offer side but with no depth! Should've introduced it at the same time as NASDAQ came in to stop, or at least, stem the massive haemorrhage of portfolios imo. Yes I know the price shown in your P/L was never what was quoted but FI were more than happy to let you think it was!!

    Edit - I think the number of shares it takes to move the price needs to be increased considerably.

  • @JonesyFI-WH I still believe you could buy players on here.... Do absolutely nothing for three years and still be in big profit. Trust the product. I think we are way off having to be very skillful to make money on here.

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    Have you considered knitting?

  • @NewUser65276 I imagine you were up 20% after the order books came in with all your Premier League big guns?

  • @AndydfopT IF FI aim for 1 billion market cap and we are under 150 mill, if all goes to plan its still on easy mode IMO

    Its almost like we have went back in time to the start in a way.

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    No 15% down but 30% up overall,your imagination is letting you down. I would imagine that overall you are losing?

  • @NewUser65276 Nope i'm still up overall. Just not as much as I was previously.

    I would imagine you're actually an alright bloke in real life. Shame you're a cock on the keyboard.

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    Cocks in my opinion tend to delete threads they don't like on open forums,you can't do that in real life,you get outside and have it out.

  • @NewUser65276 Please refresh my memory on what thread I deleted that has caused you such offence?

  • @NewUser65276 said in Assessing the damage:


    Cocks in my opinion tend to delete threads they don't like on open forums,you can't do that in real life,you get outside and have it out.

    Are you like 14 years old??

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