• I been watching his match score for the majority of the game. Then towards the end of the game it went really weird.

    He was on 80 points then dropped to 79 (even tho their are no -1 on the score table) fell more for missplaced passes -3 to 76. Save at the end of the game +10 to 86.

    Full time he should get his + 48 (win and clean sheet) but ended on 124. even if it was win only he should be on 126

    Now hes fallen to 79 points. What is going on! He could never have been on 79 anyway!

    Its really making me question the numbers the first time i really watch it, its clearly all over the place!

  • Wasn't watching so can't comment accurately. Win points +18 are added to every player as soon as one team takes the lead, clean sheet +25 added at the end of the game.

  • @Martyn-B +40 CS for GK mate

  • @MickTurbo Thanks, never knew that!! GK's a whole new ball game.

  • back up to 124

  • And now he's up to 127, after being given one of his passes back? They are still ignoring the final save (+ 10) its almost as if they are trying to keep Leno as no.1.

    Leno has had his giveaway passes reset to 0 too, So basically loads of minus points ignored. As he totally had fair few in the game!

    What is going on with the scoring! Is it always this bad / inaccurate?

  • @Toptom not sure anyone on the forums follow them that closely tbh ? some stats guys on twitter do tho, sorry dunno their usernames, if i find em i'll give you a shout

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