Mbappe transfer request - The new Pogba?

  • Mbappe has seemingly told PSG he wants out. Surely he is now MB gold if so, like Pogba once used to be, regularly filling column inches with rumour and gossip than actual news. Plus if he is off to Liverpool, which has long since been whispered, then he can only rise yet more right? (I hold 50)

  • @Leighton

    Mbappe will be one of the big beneficiaries of the 2 phases on the MB system when they get implemented without a doubt.

    Euros and world cup to come whilst playing in one of the top nations in the world.

    New users joining will naturally gravitate towards Mbappe.

    I still have misgivings about his ability to return PB divs on a regular basis but at the age of 21 and whilst playing under the shadow of Neymar this will always be a con-tributary factor - I suspect wherever he moves to next, he will be the main man and likely to have more of a say in free kicks and Pens.
    I wouldn't be surprised either if next season if they make any changes to the PB matrix, it will be goalscorers that benefit, making him more valuable.

    I cant see him ending up at Liverpool with the costs involved and the wage ceiling but if he was to come to the premier league it would more likely be Man United/Man City or even Chelsea.

  • He’s going to Real Madrid and unless foreign media is taken into account he won’t return much in MB imo.
    I would expect him to be the main man at Real however just due to the fact it’ll be a huge fee and he’ll want assurances about his role in the team with regards to position and set pieces.
    He’ll replace Benzema as the central striker in season 2 after playing out wide in the first season.

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