Playing from abroad

  • I'm going to be moving to Asia (specifically China) in August as I have a new job. I wondered whether the game will be accessible in any form over there. I wondered if anyone knows whether I'll be able to access the website via a VPN, or if the app is going to work in order to access my portfolio to continue playing

  • from what i've heard you can't even scratch your arse online in China!!!!!

  • My recent experience (Portugal not China) is that you can access the App to check portfolio/prices/etc from abroad fine

    My understanding is that if the App detects you trying to trade abroad your account is blocked subject to providing ID when back in the country

    I don't know if you can get round that with a VPN but suspect FI won't be happy if you get caught as that could put not just you but also FI in breach of the gambling laws in that county and could potentially impact on FI attempting to get a licence for that country

  • I was in China a few weeks ago and was able to track prices through the app, but I didnt risk buying or selling.

    I think you might have to set up a long term portfolio and make your trades whenever you're back in the UK. Maybe share your login with a close relative in case you need to make some emergency trades?

  • @NewUser136303 I don't see why you can't mask your location through a VPN although probably not best to ask on the forum and draw attention to it, might be easier to just get a friend hooked and have them trade for you, I did this for friend when he was on holiday. He sent his instructions on WhatsApp and i did as he told me. He was looking but not making transactions to avoid having to Log in.

    As long as you trust them with you password. You can only withdraw to the same account as you deposited so should be fine but depends on the total deposited and how much you trust your friend.

    P.S it was really hard to stop myself buying 1000 Milner for him but I managed to resist.

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