To Withdraw Dividends Or Not To Withdraw

  • Hi FI Traders,

    I’m new to the platform and so far so good.

    I’m getting used to the balance between purchasing rising stars who you hope will make money long term vs big players who can earn dividends.

    My question is to people tend to withdraw dividends earned weekly or invest them back in to their portfolios?

    Also to maintain 30 day in play Dividend payouts what’s the strategy regarding renewing existing players vs selling them and buying comparable players who you think might perform better due to better fixtures and other factors.

    Any help on these basics would be greatly appreciated.

  • People are going to fill this thread telling you NOT to withdraw. More money in the game higher prices for them! Claiming prices are going to go up and to buy the dip.

    So with this bias out the way, Prices are going to go down when the IPD promo ends. Unless you have player / players that you are really confident that will return, You should withdraw until you have some.

    Spending for the sake of spending is a recipy for making BIG losses. But then again Your BIG LOSES are someone elses Big Gains!

    Be careful! Espically with who's advice you follow!

  • @Toptom lol

  • Well, to answer your question.

    I reinvest my dividends, I have a relatively small portfolio and don't have any interest in withdrawing a few quid here and there. Ill re-invest - sometimes in players who I jut fancy a higher risk punt on, others that I want a bigger holding in.

    Refreshing IPD's - I have for this period where is 5x as it can be worth it. But I haven't bought any players specifically for this promotion as don't want to miss the time to sell. They're incredibly volatile currently.

    I'll let @Toptom tell you if my advice is worth following. He seems to be an expert on your questions without actually answering them at all.

  • @Highfields96 I was waiting for the first poster with all his experience since May to give his insight.

    But in short like many I reinvest my dividends to compound the returns, there was a great thread on here 3 months or so back showing if you’d done that on certain players over the last 3 years the massive returns you’d get.

    Now the dividends are double what they were it’s a no brainier and means I can continue to grow without adding new money of my own.

    If I was the size of Panda, Big Dom LB et al I might withdraw them but they are earning £500+ a day most days

  • @Toptom

    Some prices will go down, other prices will go up. One trend will run its course, another will begin. So in answer to the question I would re-enforce that message to you @NewUser664633.

    Definitely be choosy with which advice you follow. Work out which members you think know what they're talking about.

    Toptom here, may be the expert with his statement that 'prices are going to go down.' Very insightful Tom.

    It may very well be that I couldnt find my arse with both hands when I suggest to you that currently elite PB players are being abandoned in favour of one off and incredible yields through IPDs which will be the state of play through out the remainder of September, in a trend which is very much a mirror image of this time last year.

    Once this promo is over, I believe that the next trend will be those currently over shadowed elite PB players like Kimmich who will be at the forefront of traders minds, representing value on the backdrop of a recently doubled PB dividend structure, and a period of relentless PB football over the next 34 months or so.

    So I cannot disagree some prices will go down, but other prices will go up

  • No worries happy to give more details, I have written lots on why prices will go down which you can see in other posts both here and on reddit even before the crash. The simplest and quickest summary.

    IPD promo ends less incentive to have money sitting in BID offers, Bid offers are removed, Price goes down.

    People able to see how few offers are in the market from the "full nasdaq" get scared and rush to take the Bids that are left. Prices go down.

    Once they are out of those positions it's wether there are relevant places to put the money or withdraw. The Div increases are already "priced in" So I would strongly suggest that PB players will fall less far but the whole market will find a new lower equilibrium until some buy incentive comes back into the market.

    Again the initial question was what to do about IPD wins not about maket trends that will occur in the future hence not gone into this depth. There are plenty of other threads for that.

    You are intilted to dissagree. Rather than pumping for the sake of pumping I would rather try to give my opinion :) I would rather wait for the full introduction and buy the bottom!!

  • @NewUser664633

    No right or wrong answer to this question.

    A lot depends on the amount you have deposited, do you plan to carry on topping up weekly/monthly etc?, do you have other plans or need this money elsewhere?, your appetite for risk and your strategy.

    I gambled and deposited fairly big early on. I had no other plans for my money and left all dividends in for the first 16 months. I have built up a decent sized portfolio now and compounding dividends definitely helped with this. I am now buying a house, so last month started withdrawing 50% or so of all dividends and no more deposits.

    Everyone's situation and advice will be different.

  • @Martyn-B nice answer not sure who thought it deserved a down vote 🤷‍♂️

  • @Sav2000 Yep, I should have said this too. Re-investing divs means you should need less of your own money being put in on a regular basis.

  • I use them as deposits to be honest and it compounds your winnings, i withdraw cash about every 8 weeks to make sure I take actual profit t but my divs always go on new players.

  • @NewUser664633 most obvious answer is-do you need the money? If the answers no, invest the divs. As @MickTurbo has said, IPD players are likely to drop and pb players will likely rise.

    Alternatively, stick a few really low bids in, if they get taken up happy days and if they don't and prices drop as @Toptom says, then you have offers you can cancel and withdraw.

  • I withdraw mine, bringing down my net deposit.

  • @Toptom
    I’m trying to find anything in this post that is even relatively accurate? If people are chasing IPD’s, unlikely they have buds in place, they will market buy. Why would sellers see minimal offers, panic and IS to the highest bidder/s? If they did, why would price drop? The shares will now be in the hands of someone who wants them, so not for sale - price will possibly increase. However, assuming the ‘panic seller’ had an offer in first, it a high offer was removed, price could drop if minimal market depth and was impacting the market buy. If low offer was in, market buy would go up. Is new dividend chart factored into PB players price right now? Absolutely not IMO - people didn’t buy in advance due to being stung by the July announcement and didn’t buy after due to the impending sell orders. As Mick says, money likely to move back here / to here. In reference to the OP, it depends on your own circumstances. Re-invest div’s to compound, withdraw if you want to start chilling into your initial deposits. Perhaps I’m talking crap, but this is how I see it 🤷‍♂️

  • @wolves86
    *bids not buds

  • @wolves86
    Chipping not chilling - stupid predictive text

  • Completely up to the individual I think

  • I reinvest them. If you get dividends and you put them back in to a good player, then that's more dividends you'll make next time but for no more of your own money. Repeat it over and over and you'll see it grow.

  • @NewUser664633 been withdrawing personally, i stick it in a little savings account and let it build up over time and redeposit when i have the amount of money i want/need to get a player. When i first joined i was chasing Cap Ap and dividends were a second thought for a little while. Now id say I'm around 20 months in, i just reached a beautiful milestone of £1,500+ on a relatively small budget.

  • @Toptom thank you for the honest advice, very much appreciated and makes sense

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