Weekend away

  • After Thursday's drama, had a much needed break from the forum but I've invested some more money and took advantage of some the cheap deals, won my best dividend haul (thanks Salah, Darlow, Dubois, Lopes, Robertson). Also looks like the prices on most my places have found their new normal with only Rashford, Dembele and Jimenez showing significant losses (but can see this getting better for at least 2 of the 3).

    So all good, feel like we're over the worst of it, onwards and upwards hopefully. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    PS. very happy to see all the Darlow pumping wasn't just false hope. Big clean sheet and another one at Brighton will pretty much be 100% yield.

  • @howsthebacon well done on darlow. Fingers crossed for a second clean sheet!

  • @Elmer spent all summer pumping Dubravka to be fair but then when Darlow was set to step in, 10p cheaper was a no brainer. West Ham and Brighton during the bonus IPD! Hoping for another solid game, might flog him before the IPD though, bit worried about Dubravka coming back early and being lumbered (still got another 4 or 5 league games before then though).

  • @howsthebacon he could keep dubravka out if we keep up the good start. Bruce can be pretty loyal if he likes a player

    Did you go for Fernandez?

  • @Elmer hmm, can't see that! I mean Darlow wasn't even particularly good last night, they were just woeful. Did they even get a shot on target second half? They know Darlow will be happy as no.2 (I mean he just signed a new deal knowing he is second choice, unless he thinks he can use this time to break in?)

    I didn't, bit gutted never got him. Should've just paid full whack, but as we were all losing money on Thursday it went to the back of my mind.

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