You know whats not helping A big yellow banner saying money aint coming in.

  • During a run on a bank or a football index, Maybe don't have a sign that says we having a problem with money getting to your account...

    At best it makes the teck look like its not working at worst it makes you look like insolvent.

    Either way its making the problem worse, as people rush to take the few buy offers that excist and either withdraw or get a cheap top 50 player.

    You need to get more buy offers into the market or its going to 0, oh and while your at it remove the banner. Its scaring people more than the price crash!

    But the FI cultists are still saying buy the dip so DW guys its all gonna be ok!

  • For anyone concerned about this; I deposited at 19:00 last night and it went straight to my balance. No problems

  • Exactly they need to remove the banner its just adding to the panic...

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