Incredible bargains to be had??

  • Just trying to put a positive spin on all of this, I know many are well down tonight including myself. Because of this mad panic and the lemmings following each other over a cliff edge, surely there’s going to be some ridiculous money made now?

  • Other positives...Neymar has flew up the media rankings.

  • Not till it hits the bottom! Why buy for £2.00 when its gonna fall to £1.00. Their is no incentive to buy now... The incentive is to wait.

  • There are some massive bargains. A lot of players don't even have any sell offers right now BUT who is gonna top up in this climate?

  • @Snrub do we think this is just a fuck up on FI's part and everyone has panicked and fucked off - or is there something more sinister going on?

  • @Toptom Are you employed by FS?!

  • @TeamGB I was going ask the same question, he is trying to spread panic

  • Harry Kane at £4.30?? Please someone now tell me how he could possibly be undervalued. The guy will easily return his value over the term of the bet. Prices are surely too low now?

  • @TeamGB said in Incredible bargains to be had??:

    @Toptom Are you employed by FS?!

    Are you employed by FI? Why wouldn't you wait for the bottom?

  • Gutting not to be able to be buying at these prices. Obviously I could but I am a responsible gambler. Almost feels more responsible to put money in than not at the moment though...

  • @howsthebacon I dunno. You'd hope it was just a panic of people seeing prices falling then joining in the madness to get out but time will tell if the money comes straight back in I suppose

  • @TeamGB A gold div is 10p he needs to win 40 to be worth his current price... People have lost all confidence that he can be sold later at a higher price, players are falling to their div value. Hence why some players falling more than others but the whole market is falling!

  • @Snrub Where do you think the money is going to come from? You will need to cover all the people leaving before prices go in any way up. It costs alot more to correct a market than to avoid a crash.

  • @Toptom stop being a Toptit. That’s wrong on dividends for a start and you know that’s not the only thing factored into his price you wind up.

  • @Snrub said in Incredible bargains to be had??:

    There are some massive bargains. A lot of players don't even have any sell offers right now BUT who is gonna top up in this climate?

    Warren Buffet and any other top trader. Half a dozens sayings come to mind such as “buy when people are fearful and sell when people are over confident” or “the stock market is the device used to transfer money from the impatient to the patient” . It’s a cliche but it’s true- for exactly these kinds of moments. They are super rare. I’m technically down £5000 today (and of course slightly pissed off, but this is temporary, as all this money could be recouped in a matter of days or one FI announcement) but all I’m trying to do is sell players in my port that haven’t really dropped and buy ones that have tanked. Just look and the increase/decrease list. Shit load of opportunities. Someone like Neymar has dropped almost £2 today. And we have just had a 100% dividend increase. The opportunities tonight are mind boggling. We may not get another chance like this.

  • @DJ-110 Stop trying to hype the price up. It has to have substance. The FI cultist can't keep hyping it up you need market forces encouraging it.

  • Can someone suggest the best bargains to be had right now?

  • @Toptom They can’t leave until the shares are sold and when the shares are sold the price goes back up. Seriously mate give it a rest.

  • Messi at £4.82 IS and still falling

  • @Toptom

    I have read your posts with interest and can see merit on your view of players being over valued based on there dividend earning potential and many players are and always have been overvalued and we’re only viable due to the instant sell mechanism.

    However when talking about the top players you have oversimplified there value. As saying Kane needs say 40 gold day wins is incredibly wide of the mark.

    When buying a top player you can only really assess dividends over 1 year as you do not know what the annual review will do.

    Therefore if I currently buy a player I am looking at the following:

    IPD in first month
    PB in year 1
    MB in year 1
    TOTM in year 1

    It is then realistic to expect the dividends to increase for these areas in year 2 and 3.

    Additionally there may well be other ways to earn as last year there was no TOTM what is there to say there will not be other dividend earning prizes next year or the following.

    There is also the possibility of future share splits like in previous years that also added value.

    Therefore valuing a player is not that straightforward.

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