Market Manipulation?

  • We are in the midst of possibly the biggest market crash ever on a Sunday night.

    While I think that the Neymar red card cause an initial big drop, could it be the case that a group of users have taken advantage of the initial drop and manipulated the whole market by being a catalyst for further huge drops?

    Sunday evening would definitely be the best time to do something like this, when most staff are off. The fluctuations in Sancho's price have been crazy, could that alone be caused by panic?

  • No, People sold more then their where buy offers to get cash to buy INTO neymar et al as they fell.

    When they started to see that their where no more offers on the trash players they wanted to get rid of they moved onto other players.

    When top 100 players had no offers and after having experienced the current crash everyone got scared and sold everything and cashed out! No money is joining the market hence the cash drop and the refer a friend offers. Its spooked the hype FI cultists on twitter so they cashed out then all hell breaks lose.

    Their was not enough buy offers on the market to display, hence why they hid it. The market found it out and now this is the result. FI knew this was coming hence why they limited 10p on both sides!

  • @Toptom Yes that’s right FI would implement something that will destroy their own product? Get a grip mate and stop spreading fear! This is 100% market manipulation and the lack of order book knowledge.

  • @Martin-M If so and they have "proof" FI must punish those invovled, make examples of them.

    Just accidently post a couple names and address's will make people think twice about it again lol

    Im fully confident FI are aware and already thinking about how to deal with this or are working on it.

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