What your biggest profit and loss on your current portfolio

  • I was just wandering what’s everyone highest profit of player in current portfolio and the biggest red loss on a player at this very moment .

    Highest green - roberto firmino brought at 2.78 and now 3.48 = 70p profit per share

    Highest red - coutinho brought at 3.24 and currently 3.04 = loss of 20p

  • Biggest loss - Ronaldo, currently 62p down

    Biggest profit - Salah, £1.14 up

    Both of these are long term holds though so the movements don't concern me too much

  • Kenedy biggest profit , Ronaldo biggest loser only got 5 in him though

  • I bought 400 Bruno Fernandes futures at 53p.
    Now £1.62.

    Currently down 5p a share on Jean Kevin Augustin. Bought 200 at 94p but now 89p. He's a long-term hold though. Tipped for the top by Messi & should be a regular starter next season when Werner leaves RB LEIPZIG 🤞

  • I brought Salah at 1.80 initially... sold at a profit then re-purchased at varying amounts and he's currently UP 3.59 per future for me so by far away the biggest profit maker with Neymar & Pogba also well above £1 per future profit.

    My biggest OG is Coutinho at 1.56 loss per share whilst Insigne is at 1.45 loss per share so well and truly stung with them!!!

    The pros outweigh the cons though!!!

  • Salah rise of 78%

    Aubameyang loss of 20%

    I also hold Augustin who is currently showing a loss of 3.5% but he's a long term hold.

  • Biggest loss - Pavard and Bamba both down 4p

    Biggest increase - Pogba up £1.28, Salah close behind with a £1.24 increase

  • Biggest gain - Pogba bought @ £4.09 now £6.59
    Biggest loss - Reece Oxford bought @ 0.88p now he's 0.75p.

  • Maddison - 1.08 to 2.06

  • Green - salah £4.16 a share up
    Red - griezmann £0.58 a share down

    The good news I have 300 salah and 20 griezmann 😂

  • I could work out the salah dividends too but I'm watching the match

  • @Noirx4 - using my slightly concerning obsession with Salah I am going to guess you bought around the start of March and so must be just over £2 in dividends. Say £1.60 in MB plus £0.50 in PB. If you can be arsed I'd be interested to know if I'm close! All those hours will finally have meaning haha

    • Started on Salah at £2.40, bailed £4.00

    • Re-bought Salah £5.00 , bailed £8.00

    • Re- bought Salah £9.50, not bailed out yet...

    So, the the simple answer: All my biggest profits have been on Mo (when I've owned him)

    • Complicated answer: Possibly my biggest losses on one player are on the same player (during the periods I bailed out)


    BUT - I have no regrets. All those trades made sense at the time ;-)

  • Salah and Fabian Ruiz both up 59% not including dividends

    Otamendi down 35%

  • Salah up 5.72 since I bought him and Coutinho since before his move I'm down 1.49. fortunately I've got over double the amount of Salah than I do of Coutinho

  • Currently up 52% on Leander Dendoncker
    Down 20% on the ox. Wasn't watching the game he got injured and was too late to bail out, will have to hope he gets back into the team next season...

  • Biggest Current Profit: Salah, Cost = £7.96, Value = £10.23

    Biggest Current Loss: Koke, Cost = £1.96, Value = £1.77

  • It seems like profit outweighing the losses , happy trading people ! FI looks like on the rise again and after may 5th Birmingham meet , the money should be flying in . Am going to the event

  • %wise has to be zivkovic up from 80p to£1.40

  • Sold dries marten yesterday 🙃. Today his price shot up . It’s cool because the other players on my portfolio has increased . You win some and lose some

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