Any one have hot tip for me to put £100 on a player pick up.some shares

  • I wanna take advantage of the massive drop.hoping they return to normal but unsure who be worth it kane looks like a steal at that price but wondering if be better going with a young lad at like the £2 Mark help me spend some money lads haha

  • Loads but in short term I’d look at ipd striker value or goalscoring fullbacks from Germany and Italy . Could return outrageous ipd during bonus ... one I took was osmihen from Napoli at 1.70 Leao at Milan for a quid loads really guirassey yesterday scored 2 and is only 70p now again.... attacking fullbacks with assist or goals in them like their Hernandez and Guerrero .... insane value all over at moment just concentrate on picking a goalscorers at rock bottom price ideal if they defenders look at castagne yesterday with Leicester and the pb winning full back in France they returned me 30 percent yield alone with one performance

  • Just make sure you buy someone you'd be happy to hold for 3 years!😁

  • You could probably get Chilwell around £1.55-60. Should bounce with one decent performance and should be good for PB in an attacking Chelsea team. Then you have him nailed on for the Euros.

  • Why someone I be happy to hold for 3 years? What actually happens after the 3 years of holding the player? And isnt it better to sale before the three years up sorry? Been using football index for 3 years but only really now really focusing in it

  • People thinking prices will return to where they were a month ago are deluded

  • Handanovic 26p - Buy players that will return their value in Divs. The only players that are "worth" anything now and in the longer term.

  • @BMCG should we be recommending short term investments at a time like this?

    (not a serious tone, I'm trying to see the funny side in everything atm because last night shook me a bit)

  • @howsthebacon
    I posted my picks somewhere earlier but generally I like 1 to 3 quid holds for short term ... goalscoring assisting defenders and goalscoring ipd strikers in Italy and Germany for both.... loads to choose from

  • @BMCG I halved my port during the madness, reinvested some and made some nice profit off the bargains last night. Not sure what to do now. I'm happy that I have half my deposit safe and sound and I'm tempted to even take it out and just play with less money/less risk in the meantime until FI make an announcement. If there is a deposit bonus I might consider putting it all back in, but right now I'm just not sure.

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