Should everyone be this worried?

  • Soooo, we're seeing a catastrophic drop in prices. I've been looking to get out of FI for sometime as I was unsure how these changes were going to play out. I only withdraw 25% of my portfolio a few months back as I was a little greedy I guess. Couldn't cope with the losses on some players that I thought had some value under the old system. Things have definitely changed.

    That said, should we really be seeing this kind of drop on some players considering their dividend potential? We just had a big increase with the added bonus of TOTM. From a dividend perspective only, we should be seeing a rise in some key players, the fact they're dropping surely means they're on sale and should be a must buy now for anyone who wants to invest long term.

    I understand people fear what they don't understand and I won't pretend I'm some FI guru. Despite being here over 2 years I probably don't spend as much time learning about the product as I could. But life is busy 🥴

    Some of the trading now seems illogical. Based purely on fear rather than rational. If you valued player X at £4 last month due to dividend return and now find that player at £2. He's just on sale! He's only actually worth less if he's injured or transferred.

    I think you need to be a bit more savvy when trading now as there are more factors to kill a price off, but there are still relatively safe bets out there. We all now players that won't move to a non PB league. That's one check off the list. We have historic data of players that produce good returns. These still have value. We just can't purchase blindly anymore. We just need to think about all possibilities when purchasing to minimise risk. At least that's how I see it.

    Thoughts welcome

  • There was definitely some market manipulation going on last night but also some heavy influencing factors such as the best performers of the weekend failing to hold their increased value.

    Really don’t know what to make of it all- the dividend structure protects values to some extent, but hard to gauge how low players need to go before they are considered worth holding again.

    The IPD promotion was intended to stimulate the bottom end of the market, looks to be causing chaos at the top instead.

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