Neymar mb disappeared??

  • He was over 1000 points and just dropped to 8.74 with no stories. Surely a red card and on pitch brawl is football related. A bug maybe??

  • @Mr-Matt negative stories will be removed

  • It’s not true that negative stories will be removed but certain non football related stories will. I’m concerned that in this case because Neymar has made accusations of racism, the items may have been removed. Which I think is totally wrong in this case where there is an on the pitch brawl! Hope they rethink this one, it’s not going to help the market at all.

  • @Luke I agree that would be wrong as the red card is football related. The on pitch brawl is also football related . If neymar gives his reason he reacted was due to racism that is a secondary factor. Stories only relating to racism should be manually removed if deemed non football related but not stories concerning his red card or the brawl. I didn't read the mb stories but I can assume plus 1000 pts would include stories primarily about neymar red carded and an on pitch brawl

  • @Mr-Matt fully agree. Can you imagine a situation where Greenwood bangs in his first hat trick for England and says after the game that the racist chants from [insert random Eastern European team] drove him to play better, and then all his MB gets wiped out!? Would be a silly precedent in my opinion.

  • Agreed, if this was in a nightclub, then fine, remove the stories, but this was major football news. A high pressure Le Classique, with Marseilles winning, a mass brawl, 5 players sent off and accusations being thrown amongst players....totally football news!

  • Definitely not a bug. They’ve just removed more of the latest stories. This is utterly ridiculous and very disappointing for my Neymar holds.

  • Saw the result last night and thought that Neymar's sisters birthday has come round fast this year!

  • He accused the other player of racism

  • Yet another interpretation of their own media rules.

    The only way to be 100% consistent is to allow all media - I don't see that ever happening, but removing these articles is ridiculous.

    I could understand if this involved fans, or happened once the whistle had blown, but this is was an in-game event which only involved footballers.

    Many headlines have been removed that don't mention racism - only the headlines get scored so don't see why article content should cause removal.

  • @MickTurbo He did but many of the articles either didn’t mention racism or it was a subtitle to the main them of the headline. If a title just has to have the word racism in it to be ineligible does that mean any positive “Kick it out” work will also be ineligible? And see my hypothetical Greenwood example above. The headlines should be reinstated in my opinion as it’s all directly related to a match and therefore fully related to football.

  • Think they’ve dropped the other bollock here ain’t they ffs

  • Has anybody contacted FI hq about Neymar’s media? The stories that have been removed are related to ‘on field’ shenanigans, therefore they must count in media points.

  • @Sol I’ve sent CS an email but I suspect it won’t be read for a while after today’s kerfuffle. Suggest more people email with the same request and see if we can get some traction.

  • I don't mean to trivialise it but did anyone else think that as an excuse for his deplorable behaviour Neymar decided to play the race card?
    He was a tosser throughout the match, trying to get players booked/sent off (just like he does every game tbf) and was pushing, shoving and slapping Alvaro Gonzalez on the back of the head long before it kicked off at the end when he completely lost it.
    I wonder if they'll find evidence that Di Maria spat at the player earlier on too.
    And Parades might be banned for longer for his part at the death.

    Made for great viewing though

  • @dean73

    Yeah, I also wondered whether he was playing the race card, to distract from his own indiscretions.

  • No chance Neymar will get the MB as its due to racism. The only MB he will get is ones that don't include that. Has happened before with many other players

  • @Pez said in Neymar mb disappeared??:

    No chance Neymar will get the MB as its due to racism. The only MB he will get is ones that don't include that. Has happened before with many other players

    And Raheem sterling’s media for racism should not have counted a few months back? Didn’t he win 2 or 3 days straight for ‘racist abuse on social media’... what’s the difference?

  • @Sol Don't remember that mate, was that Zaha? If so his was removed. I do get your point though with MB that some stay when they shouldn't

  • @ocs123

    Here's the video of the last 5min for anyone who hasn't seen it.
    Neymar's claimed that AFTER he was sent off, Alvaro abused him.
    But Neymar walked off the pitch very calmly. He wasn't outraged, he didn't run to the referee to tell him, said nothing to Di Maria or any of his other teammates as he was going off, nothing.
    He strolled off the pitch and then only mentioned it to the 4th official in front of the cameras, knowing it would be picked up.

    Now don't get me wrong. If it has happened then of course Alvaro should be punished for it but watching it last night, and now again in that short video, I don't see it and Neymar's reaction to this alleged abuse was to just calmly walk off the pitch? I'm not buying it.

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