Is it safe to uncover my eyes?

  • Touch wood my portfolio seems to have stabilised, I've brought some lovely priced Dybala shares. I remain hopeful this is the worst of it.
    I'll be honest I'm still getting to grips with new buy/sell method. Before it was straightforward , I do fear that all they have done is made it more confusing for not only newbies but also veterans of the Index.
    Having read through the posts it looks as though the market is now open to manipulation from the big hitters.

  • I’ve topped up on Kane, Grealish and McNeil. Just wish I had more disposable income to top up with.

  • As long as my all time Profit\ Loss figure stays green the market can do what it wants!

  • No it's not. Portfolio is at an all time low. All time profit and loss is just about green but hugely down from where it was.

    This change that was supposed to improve the system and benefit traders has done nothing but cause misery and panic amongst people.

  • The only thing that has caused misery is GREED!
    It’s a gambling platform, not an investment club.
    Wake up people!

  • @NewUser186178 I get your point, and no problem when I loose money making bad bets, it's the risk you taken when placing bet. The problem here is you've made an bet based on certain information, however the rule book/information used to calculate value of your share has been changed completely after the bet was placed.

    Wouldn't happen anywhere else with any other bet. Can you imagine, I put a bet on Leicester to win the league, at 5,000/1 however as the season went on they changed the rules and said actually, teams playing in blue only earn 2.5 points for a win and not 3 therefore the value of their wins is less and they don't win the league. Can't move the goal posts after the bet is placed.

  • @Brane_Orsou I get your point, but this is still the Wild West and unfortunately they can make up the rules as they go along. Huge profits comes with even bigger dips.
    Bookies are no better, a couple of years ago had a really good run on the horses, from being allowed to bet what I wanted was limited to a fiver, literally overnight.
    Let’s all take it on the chin, go to the pub in our bubble of six and get drunk.
    Good luck to you though, you’ll look back at this and laugh, in twenty or thirty years!

  • @Brane_Orsou what about now?

    Prices have almost recovered and spreads are pretty tight too.

  • My loss has improved by £200 from last night. It continues to rise.

  • Slight improvement from last nights meltdown but I’m still way down compared to where I was before last nights collapse.

    How are others doing? Do we think it will get back the pre-meltdown levels soon or does it need more changes from FI to an OB setup that’s not helping at present?

  • P/L in good profit - still about 50% down from Thursday. Recent figures don't look pretty but will judge them more after Thursday

  • Its looking much better but im still down on last night, feels more like a traditional Monday sell off now rather than the end of the world.

    I've got a long long way to go though to get back to Thursdays levels though.

  • @Highfields96 Thursday was an artificial high, everyone knew that so it can't be the marker to use.

    7 days ago today isn't bad but the unlisting had started several days earlier anyway.

  • 22% down from pre-OBs on buy price, 31% down on mid-price (actually in the red on that) - feeling a bit numb about the whole situation tbh. Haven't panic IS'd or anything like that but I think it's really understandable that some people have and that their mental health will have been severely affected by this episode.

    I think FI need to put serious protocols into place to avoid similar market crashes moving forward and also actually think about the implications and repercussions of their changes.

  • @Erased-Citizen Last night I was up approx £635. Was totally unaware of the drama unfolding until I woke up this morning and checked and I was at £435 which was a shock, as I thought the market has stabilised, until I read the forum and Twitter and witnessed the mass hysteria that took place. By 10am I had dropped a further £110 to £325 profit. I was getting seriously pissed off as the spreads were massive and thought i'd be fully wiped out by this evening.

    It has now rallied back to £520 so i'm still down since last night but it's not as painful as I was thinking. Well for the time being at least!! Who the fuck knows what happens now though.

  • @Harford-is-God Yep aware of that, but my target to get back to that by end of this month. Should be do-able with dividends on offer.

  • @JonesyFI-WH You’ve come out of it better than me. I took a hit of nearly £600 and only £150 of that has returned. Even though as we speak it’s going down again. They need to bring in depth ASAP or revert the market back to how it was until they can do, as if not we are going to see this happen again.

  • @Erased-Citizen Sorry to hear that mate. The only comfort I can take out of it is everyone is in the same boat. Some might have recovered a bit more if they had decent cash available to plough in to mop up the bargains and take advantage of the panic though. Sadly I didn't have money available and quite frankly if I did the last place I would've been putting it this morning was back into FI as I didn't feel confident i'd see that cash again either! Making my laugh seeing some people on Twitter seemingly having short term memory loss and posting pictures of rockets cos they got Harry Kane at £4 but have forgotten that they are still loads down regardless of picking him up on the cheap.

    They definitely need to bring depth in fucking sharp but surely such a simple change like upping the amount of shares to move the price must be a piece of piss for them, and that's what they should be doing right now imo.

  • @JonesyFI-WH What they should be doing and what they seem to be doing are very different things. They seem to be the only people who haven’t worked out what the issues are.

    Surely we will see exactly them same happen next weekend. It’s so concerning how little they understand their own product. I’m new to OBs and even I can see the issues.

  • @Erased-Citizen It will keep happening yep until they sort the amount of shares out.

    Case in point - Christian Pulisic (who I hold). His price 10 minutes ago was £3.86 with a sell price of £3.83 (so a tiny 3p spread). Team news comes out and he is not in the squad. Price is now £3.68 with a sell price of £3.30 (a big 38p spread).

    He will likely drop further tonight as people try to exit. His price would at least remain a bit more stable if they upped the amount of shares it takes to move! It's bollocks. Some people might love the volatility. I for one dont!

    Edit - he is now £3.53 so in theory i'm down 33p or £33 in this case. Yes I know it's a paper loss, and yes I know I wont be selling so it's not a loss until then etc etc but if that is happening to him, then it will happen to several other players, Could have 3 players not in a match squad and have £100 wiped off your profit in the blink of an eye.

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