Am I the only one?

  • Who's still dropping? Lost 900 profit now I am -360

  • Yep, still dropping. I have 12p in my cash balance so soon I'll be able to put a bid in for 12 Kane shares.

  • I'm about £200 up from my lowest point this morning - still massively down from 7am though.

    No idea where the falls/rises are coming from which makes it more frustrating.

  • Same here, every time I log in my portfolio has dropped even more. My overall profit is just about in the green (c20% up) but that was 3 figures recently. Think FI need to change their marketing line to:

    "What's your football knowledge worth? It doesn't matter as we'll let you increase your portfolio value and then change the whole phuqing game and watch as your shares plumit into the ground like a fecking dart!"

  • Mine is still going, all my profit has gone and I'm now 370 down from my original investment. It's mostly Malen, he just keeps falling and falling!

  • Theres no point selling though as selling at a loss. My confidence is shot I'll admit. Not depositing just watching and hoping

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