Timo Werner

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'd keep him, already in a decent profit and if he has a good game he goes up, if he doesnt have a good game may come down a little but hey, it's a 3 year bet and he is a good looking 3 year bet

  • @JDoubleU at the moment who knows! he might score and go up then down, score and drop massively or not score and drop massively!
    I think he will be Chelsea's main man for the next 6 years or so at least so a pretty safe long term bet!
    Unless he goes the way of Shevchenko...or Torres...:)

  • Didn’t know where to post this and I’m not bothered bout starting a new thread but I just saw that Timo is 7/1 to score 2 or more v Liverpool on Sunday.
    Now if Lampard has any brain he’ll play Timo wide left against Liverpool’s high line and he could run amok unless Liverpool tighten up.
    Any thoughts much appreciated before I lump on?

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