Doing the opposite

  • So as a few FI users have decided to list their shares are the min they could causing the big drop; I’ve decided to use the new upper zone to list all my sub 50p at the Max I can.

    My view is over the next 3 years should they get a spike they’ll sell with me not having to lift a finger and should the buy depth be low my offers might actually drive the market upwards I see that as a win win.

  • The sooner they increase the sell limit the better. It's ridiculous that you can only increase the buy price by 10p more than the lowest offer no matter the price of the player.

  • 50p now you can go up to

  • @Sav2000 Good plan, I really like this functionality. My biggest flaw has been my ability to sell players. When they are rising i'd always cling on past the peak and then get frustrated that i was selling on the way back down and then often just not sell at all because of that. Yesterday (whilst it was only 10p) I put an offer at £1.90 for Lee Kang-in, which he rose past after his assist. He continued past that to £2 but I'm still happy with the price i got and I wasn't having to hover over instant sell whilst checking scores.

  • @Sav2000 I've done exactly the same on a few holds, good tactic lower down the market where you can calculate the return you want and takes all of my ridiculous emotive attachment to players away from the sell process.

  • @Harford-is-God it was this exactly a few times I’ve missed the chance to sell thinking they’d win PB only to finish 2nd.

    I’m happy with 100%+ profit on any player lower down, but I will revisit those thread in a years time to see if any have actually sold 🤣

  • @Sav2000 I have a couple of defenders who might score a goal, even without the promotion you get 4p which will be enough to cause a spike and send the price towards my exit without having to think about.

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