• if we all post our players at the max 50p above buy now, will that drive the price of shares up???
    Loosing money at a serious rate of knots at the moment. Market seemed reasonably stable before the change, now it just seems very volatile. Thinking of cashing out altogether. Would appreciate your thoughts guys.

  • It’s the lowest 300 offers, so unless everyone does this on one player it won’t impact their buy price in the slightest

  • @LifeofPat134 but if we all do the same????

  • Oh yeah if we all did the same the players buy price would rise by 50p, but their sell price will remain the same. However the “mid price” will increase which will lead to a more favourable portfolio total. The likelihood of everyone working together to make their holds seem better value is unfortunately very unlikely, as someone is always looking to sell at a cheaper price to get on the next player

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