Message from FI Ops Team

  • Urgent message from FI below, not sure it reassures me.

    *****Dear Traders,

    While we usually refrain from providing market commentary, we feel it is important to recognise that the market experienced abnormal trading patterns late last night and through to early this morning. Our risk team has been monitoring the situation very closely.

    The market is now stable. In the unlikely event that there is further high level of volatility, we won’t hesitate to temporarily suspend the market if necessary. We understand the concern this has caused. We are determining the factors that have contributed to this volatility and will communicate our findings once this has been completed.

    A one-off correction as a result of freeing Offers from the restraint of the Sell Queue is not entirely unexpected, but we are still assessing exactly what took place.

    We would urge Traders to take care in case of over adjusting trading strategies, and to remember that the intrinsic value of the 3 year bet driven by the 20/21 Dividend Chart remains unchanged - exactly the same as it was 48 hours ago.

    The Football Index Operations team*****

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