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  • Hi guys...

    Been on here a few months and most people on Twitter, YouTube and sometimes even here bang on about IPD's.

    Just wondering what people do, do you buy a player for a month with the research done to see that they may well win some and then sell off after that month for profit?

    Do you buy players and then sell them after the month has expired and then buy them back again ( presumably at a higher price if they won some divs)

    Or do you just buy a player and once the month is up jus keep them?? I seem to buy a player then keep them because I dont want to sell and the have to buy back more expensive??

    Any tips??

  • @NewUser600411 all of the above depending on the player really.

  • @NewUser600411

    Current IPD's are; GK CS, For/Mid G/A all 2p & Def goal 4p however until 30/9/20 the 5x promotion means they are a massive 10p & 20p. So this really makes them worth targeting as a profitable stand alone trade, at least for the rest of Sept. Many players can return 30/40/50% of their cost with just 1 G/A!

    The bonus of IPD's against PB or MB is that you can also buy & qualify right upto the midnight deadline (which is obviously after the event) so guarantees at least that days winnings but the trade off is that the price is almost certainly going to be higher to account for this fact.

    Generally I will buy players that I want to keep longer term & use the IPD's as an extra bonus but currently it is worth refreshing some long term holds to be eligible for the 5x promotion as a valuable source of extra income. Whether this is done in anticipation of good fixtures or after a qualifying G/A/CS rather depends on the type of player & their price, as well as the available liquidity.

    As an example I refreshed my long term Thauvin holds (Marseille's main playmaker & looked like Payet was out due to a CV test) before his last game at at cost of 3p spread & 5p commission 8p total cost, he scored & assisted twice so earned 3 p in IPD's (before they were increased from 12/9/20) but qualified for the 5x promotion so returned 15p, more than covering the cost of renewal & still several eligible games left to play, under the new higher IPD's.

  • @NewUser600411 like Sav said, you've basically described all of the options available to you, if there was only one way then the market IPD flipping market wouldn't really work.

    If you're pragmatic you can buy before a good spell of games and sell after the first good performance - lowest risk but also lowest profits. If you have faith that player will perform again, hold on for another game. But it's just like anything, comes down to your own judgement.

  • I would urge some caution on IPD buying during this promotion window. If you buy in for IPDs at the moment then you can almost certainly expect the player to be beneath what you paid for them the next day as some look for a quick cash out... The bigger the IPD win during the promotion the bigger the potential drop the next day.

    A couple of examples of this are that defender who scored and assisted and won PB at the weekend. Went up about 50p and the next day could be purchased about 40p cheaper than what he peaked at. The reason for this is that some made about 48p divs so they could sell them 40p cheaper than they bought him and still make a return.

    A couple that I have done in the last week are Delort and Laborde from Montpellier. Delort won 20p on Saturday, I bought at 85p and the next day his buy price was 70p and IS was 61p. People could afford to sell him this cheap because they have won so much on him the day before. I was showing a £150 div win against a £140 loss if I sold him at his value the day after the event. Now we are back to a match day for him his buy now price is up to 76p. If i sold him at that price my IPD win of £150 would be against a loss of £68.40 and 2% commission on sale. I purchased 750 shares, and I currently have two sell orders set. One at 78p for 250 shares (30 taken up so far) and a further 250 at 85p which is the price I paid (I suspect he would have to score again to achieve this price)... I am retaining the other 250 at 85p as he still has 3 games in the IPD window and one outside of this window. He is a decent player but I doubt I will look to keep him if I can sell at a good profit then I will. I could quite easily end up in a situation where I am stuck with him as others will be looking for an exit point too, and many will be looking to get rid after the IPD promotion so it is important not to be too greedy if it is player you would not be looking to buy without the promotion going on...

    As @Geronimo159387 said, try and use it as a nice bonus on a player you would otherwise be happy to hold and do not worry if that player drops back a bit in value if you have purchased after the fact, if they are a good player with intrinsic value then once the IPD flippers have sold off then the price should bounce back again.

  • Appreciate everyone's comments

    I firstly dont have the time to buy and sell each day or week whatever. I buy players I believe in and the IPd is a bonus throughout the 30 days. I hope to win pb and mb but that's easier said than done, my main aim is cap app.

    I was wondering going forward how easy it is to recycle monthly and still maintain a profit to get those ipd so will take it all on board.

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