Not enough money !

  • I think one of the causes of the crash of our ports is the lack of money on the platform... let me elaborate a little ,
    So the market is very thin due to lack of money to back everyplace price so without new money coming in ,the existing money get shifted around ,with the depth of the offers being visible this wouldn't be q major issue as you could potentially see that is just 1 or 2 people offering their 300 shares at a low price because they want to move onto another player,but without seeing the depth it causes panic and fear !
    I fear another event at some point FI said that they were introducing 200 more ipos this season and I honestly think that is an awful idea due to the fact that we need more money coming in before introducing more ipos or the market will get even thinner due to the fact that the money in the platform will have to be spread across more players qnd without q big influx of money ipos will have q negative effect on the market .
    Thoughts on the matter ?
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  • This is what I’ve been thinking. There are so many players that need IPOing. It makes FOOTBALL Index look bad that so many FOOTBALLERS are missing but... if it’s just the same amount of money (Or just a little more) spread over more players then prices will drop... though maybe that’s an opportunity to buy before millions of new customers join/deposit.

  • Yes this is a big factor, there are a number of threads already where liquidity and depth of bids have been discussed in this context.

  • I've been thinking this too. There needs to be a hell of a lot of money just sat in bids to hold every players price up. Ive pulled a few bids sometimes and the players sell price can drop by 10p or more pretty quickly, probably because just me and one other are holding the sell price up

    Maybe bids over holds are the way forward though. Or 50% in each so you can catch the value when a player drops?

  • Allowing us to place bids simultaneously would solve a lot of issues - I don't like how my balance has to be tied up in a single bid when there are so many players i'd be happy to bid on.

    Would definitely encourage buy bid wars.

  • This is exactly it. The moment FI removed IS it took millions away from the market. The exact amount of money now needed to back every single players price, most of which will take a long time if ever to recover

  • @R9inter exactly right. We all need to weather the storm until we have the Nasdaq ststem in place until then every action taken will be an over reaction

  • I think this is probably true and that's why the market makers are so important. We need more of them in asap. Feels like FI know this though, they are referred to in the comms frequently.

  • @R9inter u want as many new players on the index even if it does drop the players values which is a good thing because when u get a return on the divs it's a better % return. At the end of the day divs drive the market. Look at havertz bombed last nite played shit no divs if he played good got ipds or pb it would drive his price up the 2 things now come hand in hand

    My point is that there are too many players already and there is not enough money to hold their prices all around , i get what you are saying but ontroduving more players before new money come in will be bad as the money will spread around further causing more panic and prices spiraling down unfortunately the player prices reached their peak under different circumstances ( the platform has now changed ) so it is down to FI to protect their product and our money because it is in their best interest if everyone panic sell yes they will make money on commission but in the long term they would loose money as people would stay clear !

    The only way for FI to take action and quickly is if we all withdraw our offers and bids qnd just sit there and within a week of FI not getting any money out of us but still paying dividends out they will act and fast so that they can get their commissions back !

  • @CLACKETT divs should indeed drive prices, or expectation of future divs, Havertz's price shouldn't tank after one game where he didn't score or win PB?!

  • @R9inter You're probably right, but if liquidity grounds to a halt, having depth of market (NASDAQ) won't be enough. They have to bring in full tiered PB, or the compromise Team of the Week. That would invigorate all areas of the market. FI has been avoiding full tiered PB for years, but their hand might be forced if traders stop trading.

  • I was wondering if FI were seeding the market to make it able to grow when there were not enough traders and now they have pulled their money out and what we have now is the true level of peer to peer funding.

  • @Londoner thats exactly it , we can and should force FI take action i am not being funny but if people used social media and the forum to spread doom we could use it to spread the word to stall the market and force FI to take action at the end of the day the ones that are in charge here is us , if we don't trade they don't profit ,and they can't just sit there and wait for 3 years for our bets to expire they have dividends to pay out and wages to pay to their employee lets play their own game qnd force them to give us a better platform and better market ! ( the order book concept is great but needs to be backed by funds otherwise is pointless)

  • @R9inter theres very little that can save the situation right now and only blind optimism is keeping the Index up. Depth of market will be another shit show as everyone rushes to readjust their portfolio, most likely squad players will tank big time. They can do a deposit bonus and everyone will use that to take money out. The Index needs to reset to reflect the current level of risk/reward so that we can start trading within more reasonable margins. Until that happens you'll have wild swings in price because there is nothing underpinning players price

  • @NewUser485878
    I know but we should stop any activity on here and just stall their income that will hit mr Cole where it hurts his wallet and he will have to act upon it no just with a poxy bonus but with a long term solution

  • @R9inter i appreciate what you are saying but they have removed themselves from the equation. They know for a fact that trading must go on and they know for a fact that people will have to keep adjusting their porfolios to address the changing nature of the Index

  • I think they have been generous. I would estimate that under the new structure I am now likely to get the vast majority of my initial investment back in divs alone over the three years - and that's assuming no further increases. So even in a 0% CA scenario I should be able to double my money.

    The bets have intrinsic value. FI just needs to work on a way to help people better understand what that is. The problem here is poor implementation, confusion and panic rather than anything fundamental.

  • @Hint I agree divs are generous but thats if we all started from zero. but we are not starting form zero. we are starting from the top. most people will have to take massive cuts just to start from a position that will guarantee profit overtime, hence the most recent crashes

  • @Hint we shouldn't have to readjust our 3YEARS bet every month just because they change structure and rules every month or 2

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