Di Maria

  • First the pandemic and now a shit ton of suspensions - PSG must be killing people. Everyone looked to them during the bonus IPD and they've had an absolute stinker.

    Guessing the sudden drop in Di Maria is due to apparent new angles confirming he spat. What sort of ban are we looking at? Not sure how flexible they can be but seen comments suggesting they might make an example of him what with COVID kicking about, spitting could lead to a bigger ban than usual (not sure if they can implement that though).

  • Masuaku got a 6 game ban and that was long before Covid.

    FIFA were looking to introduce up to 12 week bans but I'm pretty sure each league sets their own rules on this.

  • TBH i am actually impressed that his price is holding up to all the sales! People are selling and people are still putting in more buy offers! Be really interesting to see where this one ends up...

  • @Toptom have you sene the footage? The article that says new footage has no video on it as far as I can see. The original angle from the S*n did not look conclusive.

    No news that he is banned, might get appealed anyway so he will be eligible for their bonus IPD games - which might be why his price is holding up. I have bought in at 99p/1.05 and brought my average price down to about £1.15. If he plays tomorrow, surely you got to fancy him doing some damage against Metz.

    Might be a mass dump after the game though...(re read this line and had memories of Brown Sunday)

  • Did he actually spit on him, or just spit while looking in his direction?

    The 2 might look similar but are very diffrent.

  • @Kanzz just seen the clearer footage, they zoom in and you can see he spits in his direction, it's never going to reach him but I can still see him being punished for it. I'm not sure how they determine what 'spitting at someone' is to be fair.

    No news to suggest he's being banned though so topping up 99p might have been a masterstroke especially as he looks likely to play tonight against Metz who have also had a poor start.

  • @Kanzz it did look like it was perhaps meant to be a sign of disrespect but I don't think he intended it to reach the player if you get me.

  • @howsthebacon looked like one of those flobby ones that dribbles down your chin and makes you look like a window licker...

  • I still can't watch the phlegmatic perm of Rudi Voller without sicking up my brekkie.
    Disgusting behaviour when it happens.

  • With Covid FIFA and the leagues have all spoken about clamping down on spitting. To the extent they've been warned about doing it at all on the pitch.

    Even if it was only in his direction and landed 2 foot short I can see them making an example of him.

    Different I know, but if I throw a wild punch and miss do I get away with it ?

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