Who will make a move this summer?

  • Hey Guys

    We have all seen speculations on the internet, views from football pundits and also the dreaded paper talk over the last couple of weeks about who will go where but realistically who will actually make a move?

    In your personal opinion who do you think will move and where? also do you hold this player for that reason?

    For me there is two players that i think will definitely move and therefore i am holding futures in them.....the first is Mahrez who will move to either Man City or Real Madrid.....and the other player i think will move is Martial who i think will move to Chelsea to get more playing time !!



  • It is an interesting question as many people will have different ideas on how to make money during transfer windows. I joined during the Jan transfer window and had varied success. This window I am aiming at lower priced players so if the transfer doesn't happen I won't have to take to much of a hit but if they do happen I think I would make a nice profit.
    My cheapest priced future is Bongani Zungu 32p and linked with several French and Italian teams.
    My mid priced future is Omar Mascarell 64p who Real Madrid are buying back and probably resell with teams like Dortmund interested
    My highest priced future is Jann-Fiete Arp £1.09 and linked with a host of clubs like Spurs, Chelsea and Leipzig

  • @MrYaio hope all goes well for you with those players.

  • @AndyP32 I do have higher priced players that might transfer but these were brought for PB/MB. I found buying high priced players just for transfers was a mixed bag. I do think Mahrez will move in the summer but not sure who too, definitely scope for making money out of him. Martial not so sure about, he has a lot of potential that isn't used at Utd but can't see them selling him to Chelsea. Hopefully they work out for you.

  • I've totally restructured my portfolio recently to go for transfers and have largely 2 different categories. A bit late on doing this but not too late I hope. I have a few between £1.30 and £1.60 (Weigl, Balotelli, Forsberg, Chiesa, Dolberg). Reason being they will could move and if they do it will be pretty high profile. Still look like value compared to the Lemars and Baileys of this world.

    Then I have some more speculative cheaper shouts, some who are only just above their IPO price (Hector Herrera, Brahimi, Jordan Lukaku, Dost, Kehrer). Lukaku I'm quietly confident about, think its only a matter of time before he gets linked to Man U given they obviously need full backs and he's called Lukaku. Doesn't have to be any truth in it, press can be lazy.

  • @Jazzman not sure how long you have been on the Index but watch out for the massive drop in player's prices once a deal is done or not done (if you remember the Messi and Coutinho transfer saga last year !!) timing is the key.....

  • @AndyP32 No worries on that front fella. One of my first purchases was Coutinho in January :(

  • I'm all eggs & baskets on an Icardi to Madrid move but heard United might be in for him now although not sure if they need that sort of player? I'm thinking Mourinho could be in for Griezmann instead but Barca are also likely to want him... I wonder if they break the bank this summer although more realistically they could be Luis Alberto or Iago Aspas perhaps? I think Werner to Bayern could be on? Hazard interests me as a super WC might see the big boys come in for him? Real or Barca again perhaps? Bale to Man Utd or Tottenham and Fekir to Arsenal or Spurs perhaps?? Lemar to maybe Liverpool or Arsenal? Or i see a good fit at juve?

    Out of the freebies Max Meyer could leave for the EPL (again someone like Spurs/Arsenal) as could Asamoah from Juventus (Chelsea?) and I like Badelj who's been a good solid pro in Serie A for a number of years? He could be an astute buy for anyone in the EPL top six for a short term instant fix at least??

  • Balloteli - Free transfer, definitely moving, PL or Serie A
    Shaqiri - World Cup which will put him in shop window (great WC last time) and Stoke all but relegated so almost certain he’ll move
    Vinicius Junior - Bought last year by Madrid to join them this year. Even if he goes on loan I’d suspect (and hope) a lower league team but still in one of the top 5 leagues. More of a long term hold anyway!
    Max Meyer - Refused a new contract so will be leaving. Unsure about where as loads are listed in various leagues but will keep an eye. Potential WC too!

  • Balotelli has dropped a little maybe a good time to buy as he will be moving

  • Steve gerrard

  • @FranklynMary I get balotelli will move but will anyone in premier league gamble on him again after all his failures?

  • Carrasco to make a big move after impressing in the world cup. Very cheap at the moment...

  • @dannypea Lemar to Juve I can see that being the next pogba role and doing well at it

  • @Noirx4
    I think it’s more probable he’ll move to Italy again, but wouldn’t rule out any rumours of it

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