Let’s get back to talking about Players....

  • Need to free up some cash to fund some PB players - what’s thoughts on selling Patson Daka - what’s his potential ceiling? It’s almost like a move has been built in

  • @G27 It depends on where he goes tbh, Ive got him quite cheap so im laughing either way, but im holding till a transfer, as he will go up some more imo, depending on where he goes ofc.

  • Daka is smashing them in but his price will likely be volatile as it is almost entirely backed on a move. If he gets a good move then his price holds, but if looking at comparable players value it would have to be a very good move to be rising in value. Osimhen at Napoli 20p more, David at Lille 20p more. Barrow winning divs at Bologna 20p more. Martial is at United scoring goals and he is less than a quid more. If Daka joined Leipzig (which may well be largely factored into his price in expectation) then he would be a good buy at £2 probably, but you can also get Nkunku and Olmo for £2 at the moment so for me he is already at the top end of what his price vs potential should be

  • Got him on brown sunday at £1.55, sold for £2. Nice profit and think its a gamble to hold now. I'll be back in if he doesn't move and drops again ahead of more speculation Jan/next summer. Shame he is Zambian tbh.

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