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    I don't own any of these. Currently unloved but I'm wondering if anyone can see a case for them rising again. Buying on a dip im told can be where the money is. Ben White though. Ouch😳

    I've held Ounas in the past. He's got a good game for PB. Set pieces and gets the odd goal. His time at Nice was interrupted by injury and suspension. Probably priced about right now since his loan has ended and he returns to Napoli reserves. One to keep an eye on though as if he gets another loan where he'll get playing time. He'd look very good value then.

  • @Dalian-Smyth I really like the look of Lainez when he actually plays some minutes but unless Fekir moves on that’s only gonna be few minutes here and there at Betis. I was hoping Pellegrini might give him a shot early doors but we’ll see.
    Was linked to Lyon earlier on in the summer but gone quite on that but could change depending on more departures there.
    I hold 1 share just to follow him tbh

  • @Gregolocky I agree entirely. In the bits he does get you can see he's an exciting talent. Joaquin at 39 now. You'd expect Lainez to be stealing some time off him going forward.

    Could be a breakout season for Lainez. Hes had a season and a bit to adjust from coming from Mexico. From Betis transfer dealings to date it's been mainly defensive reinforcements so I'd take that to mean they are happy with their current players. Lainez will get opportunities. Watching brief at minute but he's definitely one I fancy.

  • @Dalian-Smyth said in The Top 7 Dippers Post:

    Ben White though. Ouch😳

    He was all the buzz whilst helping Leeds get promoted & looked likely to move so lots of clamour to IPO him but then he was launched at something ridiculous (120-130p iirc) so very few buyers. He's a decent real life player, at a mid to lower table EPL team, don't know what his PB potential would be yet but his price should be in the 30-60p range IMO. Completely ruined by the ridiculous FI IPO pricing policy but on the brightside there can be very few futures in circulation so if he does get good PB results it wouldn't take much buying to move his price upwards.

  • @Geronimo159387 I agree really. He looked to be going places at Leeds. As it stands now he's a Brighton player. No European football. No England callup(Although England aren't exactly strong at CB). We don't really know his PB potential. Hard to see anything but further dips.

    Young and English though. Looked outstanding in Championship. Now doesn't seem the right time to get involved but I fancy he'll have his day one day .

  • @Dalian-Smyth I sold a while back but any further dips and I'll be getting back involved. He really did look class for Leeds and seems to be so highly rated at Brighton. I think there's a very good chance he will be an England CB soon but maybe not in time for the Euros. It definitely works in his favour that other England CBs aren't looking particularly strong. I'd love to see a Gomez and White partnership.

  • @scfc I do think the England centre back suituation is interesting from an FI point of view. It looks really wide open for a young English centre back to make a claim. Coady and Dier were named in the last squad. Competent EPL performers perhaps but not international class. I can see some suprise call ups in the future. There's an English centre back out there I fancy to soar this season.

  • @Dalian-Smyth Yea that's why I think White is an interesting option, otherwise I tend to avoid CBs. The transfer rumours are guaranteed to start up again and then there's an outside chance of him being in the squad for the Euros. Combination of both those factors means he could be hyped a lot over the next year or two.

    Even watching the Brighton v Chelsea game they were talking about him a lot in the build up, seemed to be more focus on him than Chelsea's big money signings!

  • @scfc I agree. There's an upside for sure but I don't think White is anywhere nearing bottoming out at the minute. He's probably one I'd categorise as a strong 3 year hold.

  • @Dalian-Smyth Yea probably agree, got my finger on the trigger for a further dip!

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