The Birmingham Trader Meet (5th May 2018) !!

  • Unfortunately i can't make it but i hope everyone that is going will enjoy it....I'm not sure if anything has been confirmed as to changes to the Index but if anyone has any confirmed changes then please post.

    We are expecting a nice cash injection into the Index following this meet but what do us traders want to get out of this?

    What would you like to see introduced to the Index?



    • goal keeper category for pb
    • assist should gain more points towards pb
    • increase dividends 😂

  • @FOF i agree with all of them and a lot of people have said that they want a GK category, personally i dont need it but i hope they introduce it for others benefits !!

  • @FOF Yes, I think they should make 2nd and 3rd placed PB and MB players eligible for dividends. That would be the next step for me. Goalkeeper category is another good idea.

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