Premier league early kick offs, making the obvious choices.

  • There are a number of premier League fixtures set for this weekend which will start and conclude before the deadline dividend. There is a clear trend of players prices rising for these early kick off's, additionally, with enhanced IPD's this has been further magnified especially on the game day itself.

    The example I'll use below is Arsenal from last weekend, Auba's price peaked at £2.68 even before a ball was kicked and Willian saw a surge both pre kick off and due to in game performance.



    I'd suggest any players that are capable of attacking returns in these early kickoff games will be a higher price then they are currently now, a few are still down due to Sundays escapades. You should have the opportunity to exit before a ball is even kicked at a profit or take the enhanced risk/reward on selling on a spike during in game performance.

    Given the price volitilty seen at the very early stages of order books I believe this is a lower risk approach to the short term game compounded by;

    • Enhanced and true liquidity, premier league Is where the focus is at and will see a high volume of trading in these early kick off games. The chance to realise paper profit should not be underestimated.
    • Safety net of at least another game weekend after this of enhanced IPD's.

    PL Fixtures this weekend, six teams with the kick off and conclusion times post dividend deadline.


    Some of this may seem obvious to the more experienced, however, the arrival of order books may have clouded are minds to the 'easy wins' that still exist and new users might find this helpful.

    Good luck all!

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